Drop Off Food Truck Catering in Scottsdale

The most important part of any event, in our humble opinion, is the food. It can make the event the most talked about one of the year in a good way, or that same event can end up being the talk of the town in the worst way possible. When you live in the Scottsdale area, throwing a bad party can be the worst sin imaginable, but because we like you and we want your event to be a successful one, we have an idea of how to ensure the food served is well-received. Scottsdale has plenty of catering options, but when you want something that is not only delicious and filling, but innovative and unique, our Modern Tortilla drop off food truck catering in Scottsdale fits the bill quite nicely!

Food Trucks are the Wave of the Future

No longer merely a source for quick and inexpensive food seen mostly at construction sites, today’s food trucks are gourmet kitchens on wheels, and Modern Tortilla’s food truck could be considered a culinary extravaganza! Our tacos, burritos, and appetizers are created with fresh and local ingredients that simply taste great and are the perfect centerpiece for whatever event you’re planning.

The problem with the standard food truck, however, is where do you put it? A small wedding at home, an intimate gathering of friends to celebrate a new promotion, or a graduation party for your suddenly oh-so adult high school student are all great parties but leave no place to park the Modern Tortilla food truck, so we’ve thought outside the box. We prepare our delicacies in the same way we always have, deliver it to your Scottsdale abode, and then drive away, leaving more room for guests to park their cars and less chance of a being delivered a nasty-gram from your no-nonsense Homeowner’s Association!

Your problem has now been solved in a thoughtful and tasteful manner! You choose the menu, we do the work, and you get all the credit; no one has to know that you didn’t create the food yourself, but we wouldn’t mind terribly if you let the cat out of the bag and explained that our Modern Tortilla drop off food truck catering service was responsible for the gourmet feast your guests are enjoying!

Choose Quality Catering in Scottsdale

Your event will be an unforgettable monument to taste and flavor when you choose Modern Tortilla for your catering in Scottsdale needs. Give us a call today and let’s get the party planning started!

5 Reasons to Stop by Our Tempe Food Truck

Our delicious Tempe food truck has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Once known to provide simple sustenance to construction workers and street workers, today’s food trucks now are known to serve gourmet meals to office workers, soccer moms, and anyone who likes to be adventurous in their food tastes. And if you haven’t sample food truck meals before, Modern Tortilla is the perfect place to start! Here’s a list of the top five reasons you should stop by our Tempe food truck while you’re out and about in the neighborhood.

It’s All About the Food 

The first and best reason is all about the food. Our authentic Southwest meals are tasty, filling, and are guaranteed to hit the spot! We keep it simple, serving tacos, burritos, and quesadillas filled with flavor. Hearty enough to keep you fueled up for another afternoon of paperwork and phone calls, but healthy enough not to make you feel the need for a nap, our Modern Tortilla Tempe food truck is as close to perfect as you can find!

You’re in a Hurry? Come at our Tempe food truck!

Food trucks are designed for people on the go, and even though we serve it fast and hot, we never skimp on quality! Using only the freshest local ingredients, our Southwest Savories never disappoint, allowing you to fill up quick and get where you need to go. Eat it here or take it with you back to your desk; your afternoon meetings, classes, or playdates with your kids won’t seem as torturous when you fill up with a Smoky Chipotle Taco first!

We’re Not Your Father’s Food Truck

At one time, food trucks were only frequented by the starving and the desperate. Serving questionable foods at low prices, early workers got what they paid for. Today, however, the food isn’t just delicious; the ingredients we use to create our dishes are fresh, healthy, and still reasonably priced!

Our Crème-Filled Churros Will Change Your Life

Yes, you heard us right: Our churros are crème-filled, and if this is your first time trying one, you’ll have to wonder why not ALL churros are served this way! The warm and crunchy cinnamon outside complements the soft and creamy inside in all the right ways. Even if you don’t have time for a full meal, you should always make time for our churros that you can get in our Tempe food truck.

It’s Tuesday and You’re Hungry

Sometimes the simplest reasons are the best reasons as to why you should visit our Tempe Modern Tortilla food truck, so the next time you’re in Tempe and you feel the urge for a taco, follow the scent to scrumptious—we’ll make your stomach smile!

3 Reasons to Book Modern Tortilla for Your Rehearsal Dinner Catering

The rehearsal dinner stands out for many people as the best part of the wedding festivities (probably not for the bride and groom, though). It is a time to gather with those closest to you and celebrate in a casual setting. Of course, the people are the most important part of any rehearsal dinner, but the food is certainly next on the list. Amazing food has the beautiful quality of bringing people together with joy. When you book Modern Tortilla for your rehearsal dinner, you can be sure the food will be delicious and the service will be pristine, so you can get back to enjoying friends and family. The following are the top three reasons to hire Modern Tortilla for your rehearsal dinner catering.

A Wide Range of Rehearsal Dinner Catering Options

We at Modern Tortilla know that every event is different, so we offer multiple catering options. Regardless of the size of your party or the vibe that you would like to cultivate, Modern Tortilla can accommodate you. The taco cart is probably the most popular option, as it allows each guest to go up and order what they want fresh. This ensures that everyone gets what they want. You can also opt for drop off catering, where our chefs prepare everything and then drop it off at the party so everyone can serve themselves. Or you can go all out and book the entire truck for your party, which provides a fun ambiance and the freshest food and widest range of menu items possible.

High Quality Food

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the quality of the food served, and you will not find much higher quality than you will find at Modern Tortilla. It is a mixture of traditional and innovative recipes along with the freshest ingredients possible that make this food so amazing. When you take fine cuts of pork and slowly braise it in achiote, you provide an incredible experience to those eating it. The same goes for fine cuts of tediously prepped chicken, steak, and more. Made from scratch tortillas provide the base for the meal and are complimented by the freshest toppings from avocado to pickled mustard seeds. Regardless of what you order or create for yourself, you can be sure it will be delicious.

There is Something for Everyone Here

At Modern Tortilla, we know what a nightmare it can be to provide for a lot of people because everyone’s tastes are so different. This is why we have crafted such a diverse menu. You can find great options for the pickiest eaters right alongside those for the culinarily adventurous. The steak burrito is a safe bet for just about anyone out there, while the Modern Mayan is one of the most unique dishes you will find anywhere. The stage is set with slow braised pork in a corn tortilla topped with garlic, pickled red onion, cotija cheese, pineapple, and more.

Get in Touch

Another part of what makes this a no-brainer is how easy it is to make happen. The easiest way to learn more about the options that you have and to book Modern Tortilla for your rehearsal dinner catering is by simply contacting our friendly staff. You can also explore our website to learn more about our food and services. There is even an easy-to-use truck booking form right on the website so you can expedite the process. Between our high quality services and how easy we make the whole process on you, there is no one better to provide the food for your rehearsal dinner than Modern Tortilla!

Planning a Bar Mitzvah Party? Here’s How We Can Help

A bar mitzvah party is a momentous occasion in a young man’s life. This celebration provides a great opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate the growth of this young man and the growth that is still yet to come. As with any celebration, the most important aspect is the people. But after that, it is important to have good music, and of course, good food! That is where Modern Tortilla comes in.

Top Catering Services in Town

Modern Tortilla has made a name for itself by providing some of the freshest and most innovative Southwestern dishes that you can find throughout all of Phoenix. Unique renditions on this cuisine, like that of the ‘Modern Mayan’ along with classics like the steak burrito, have made this the go to spot for this type of cuisine for so many people. What is more, this high-quality food is served out of a food truck. Well, now Modern Tortilla is making a new name for itself by bringing those same fresh ingredients and innovative recipes straight to your door through our catering services that are perfect for any event, especially a bar mitzvah.

Great Options

We know that no two parties are the same, so we offer many different types of catering services. You always have the option of simply renting the entire truck for the event. This is a great option because it opens up the entire menu for you and everything is prepared fresh to order. This allows everyone at the party to decide exactly what they want and get it as fresh as possible.

If you are looking for something a bit less extravagant, but still fresh and made to order, Modern Tortilla’s taco stands are an amazing option. Professional taco and burrito artists bring all of the fixings for our amazing menu items and set up a simple taco stand at your party.

Getting the food truck or the taco stand are both great options, but they can result in a bit of a line as people are clamoring for this amazing food. For quicker service to your guests, you can choose our drop-off catering services. These services can be completely tailored to you, so you can have all of their fresh ingredients and expertly prepared meats delivered and your guests can create their own concoctions, or you can opt for pre-made burritos and tacos so guests can simply grab what they want and go, providing for the quickest and most efficient option. Regardless of the services you choose, you can be sure each one of your guests will be blown away by the amazing food!

Reaching Out

This occasion certainly needs nothing more than good family and friends in order to be memorable, but catering services always serve to bring a celebration to the next level. You can learn more about the amazing services that Modern Tortilla provides and reach out for booking by calling (602) 435-7489. You can also learn more about this award-winning cuisine by contacting us.


3 Favorites Customers Always Order – Modern Tortilla Food Truck

Modern Tortilla has been taking the Phoenix area by storm over the past few years by providing freshly made Southwestern cuisine from one of the city’s favorite restaurants in Phoenix. Building your own tacos or burritos with over 20 different fresh toppings is very popular, but there are some specific meals on the menu that people come back for time and time again. The customers have spoken, and the following three menu items are the favorites at Modern Tortilla.

Elote – Modern Tortilla Food Truck

This appetizer is great to share but can also provide a quality meal. This awesome twist on a Mexican classic starts by grilling two half cobs of corn to perfection. After that, they are topped with fresh lime juice, mayo, cotija cheese, and smoked paprika. This is certainly one of the most unique and delicious items on the menu, so no trip to Modern Tortilla is complete without ordering this classic.

The Modern Mayan

The Modern Mayan comes with two of Modern Tortilla’s most popular tacos along with one side. The tacos start with corn tortillas that are made from scratch every single day. The next thing you will notice is the pork that has been slowly braised in achiote all day. Then comes the amazing mixture of flavors provided by roasted tomatoes, garlic, pineapple, fresh avocado, pickled red onion, and cotija cheese. All the ingredients are fresh and of the highest quality, making for an incredible and unique meal.

The Steak Burrito

This is a Modern Tortilla classic that features one of our chili flour tortillas, which is one of many unique starts to a meal. Like with the Modern Mayan tacos, the next most crucial ingredient is the meat—perfectly marinated carne asada. This incredible base is expanded upon with white onions, shredded cheddar cheese, cilantro, lime crema, lettuce on the side, and fresh jalapenos.

These are a few of the most popular items on the menu, but there are so many good options that there is really no telling which one will become your favorite. One thing is for certain: You will not regret getting anything on the menu. The food is totally mobile, so the food truck is the only place to get it. You can find it throughout Scottsdale, Tempe, Downtown Phoenix, and Chandler, so check out the schedule at https://www.moderntortilla.com/calendar/. Find us at a corner or an event near you and discover one of your new favorite restaurants in Phoenix!

Have You Tried Our Steak Burrito?

Those who live in town know that this city is a great place to find some of the best Mexican food in Phoenix. One of the best examples of this is the Modern Tortilla food truck, which has been delighting hungry people across Phoenix for years. It is the place to go for street tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more. With one of a kind menu items like the Modern Mayan and the El Ranchero, classics like a good ole fashioned steak burrito can often go unnoticed. But once you taste this steak burrito once, you will never overlook it again!

The Steak Burrito

This masterpiece is made with a homemade chili flour tortilla, carne asada, white onion, shredded cheddar, cilantro, lime crema, and fresh jalapenos.

As with every item on this menu, the delicious steak burrito begins with the most fundamental building block in a made from scratch tortilla. You may think a tortilla is a tortilla anywhere you go, but this delicious ingredient brings some unique flavor to the party, as it is a chili flour tortilla. Everything tastes a little better when you begin the recipe with such a quality base. From there, it is all about the meat. This carne asada is meticulously prepared every single day using the highest quality grass-fed skirt steak. Finally, toppings are fresh every day, with all sauces like the lime crema made from scratch.

The flavors provided by these ingredients blend into an incredible eating experience, but you always have the option of adding your own spice to this classic. Pick between 22 of the most flavorful toppings you will find anywhere, including classics like fresh avocado and more eccentric ones like pickled mustard seeds.

Find Modern Tortilla Near You!

Since some of the best Mexican food in Phoenix is served out of one of the best-looking food trucks in town, you can find it throughout the city on any given day, providing a level of convenience to customers throughout the valley. You can always count on the truck being present at Food Truck Friday, every Friday from 11 am to 1:30 pm at Civic Space Parkway in Downtown Phoenix. We are also always popping up at events throughout town, so be sure to check the schedule at https://www.moderntortilla.com/calendar/ to see when we will be near you. We also have some of the best catering services in town for your next event; contact us to learn more.

Rockin’ Taco in Chandler

Anyone who has spent any time in Arizona knows that the community here takes tacos very seriously. In fact, come September, there is an amazing event of which the sole purpose is to celebrate this love and the best tacos in town. Rockin’ Taco in Chandler is coming on Saturday, September 15th, and with it is coming the one of a kind flavors of Modern Tortilla, one of the newest and most celebrated places for tacos.

Find the Best Tacos at Rockin Taco in Chandler at Modern Tortilla

Among over 25 different restaurants and taco purveyors, Modern Tortilla will be leading the charge of this celebration at our VIP tent. We will be bringing out the big guns with our full food truck, which allows us to prepare a little something for everyone. The quality of our extensive menu begins with the freshest ingredients in town. Meats, tortillas, toppings, and sides are sure to be the freshest at the festival.

As with all Mexican food, quality tortillas are the foundation of everything here. You can start with a classic flour or corn tortilla or be a little more adventurous with options like a cilantro lime tortilla and more. Meats like braised pork, tinga chicken, carne asada, and more are slowly prepared for the best flavor possible. Then comes the fun of picking between fresh toppings like chipotle salsa, pickled mustard seeds, and smoked paprika along with all the classics we have come to expect from a quality taco stand.

You can always craft your own masterpiece with these ingredients or go with one of our tried and true recipes like the Modern Mayan. This is a favorite here, consisting of pork pastor, fresh avocado, pickled red onion, and cotija cheese, all atop a smoky chipotle tortilla. This is sure to be the only place you go at the Rockin’ Taco Fest that seamlessly blends Southwest cuisine with classical cooking methods.

While the tacos are the reason for the season here, attendees of the Rockin Taco in Chandler can also enjoy amazing live music, beer, margaritas, games, competitions, lucha wrestling, and much more. It is sure to be one of the most fun, and of course, delicious events of the entire year. In order to get your tickets, visit https://www.eventbrite.com, where you will find tickets for only $10. If you cannot make the festival, no worries, because the best tacos in town are always available at the Modern Tortilla food truck! You can always find where our taco truck will be by visiting https://www.moderntortilla.com/calendar/.

Choose the Best Catering in Phoenix with Modern Tortilla

Have you ever been to an office party where the food catered tastes like it has been sitting there for hours? Don’t worry, we have all been there and wished for a better tasting experience. Luckily for you, Modern Tortilla, one of Phoenix’s top food truck vendors, can host your next office event for an experience your taste buds will appreciate. Here is how you can plan the best office event with Modern Tortilla’s catering in Phoenix:

Serving Fresh Food

As we mentioned, having food sit around for hours doesn’t do your office event any justice. You want to make sure your food is served hot and fresh so each employee can enjoy the decadence of their meal. With Modern Tortilla, we will prepare your food and also serve it to your employees so they can taste the difference. We can advise each person how to best enjoy their meal and what to pair it with. We make sure to be as flexible as possible with each company, as no two office events are the same. With our full-service taco truck catering, your office event will be one to remember.

Tortillas to Make or Break

Did we mention the food was delicious, too? Modern Tortilla has been voted one of the best Phoenix restaurants, and we think your team will enjoy our fresh takes on southwestern favorites. Of course, being named Modern Tortilla, we pride ourselves in baking up the freshest made from scratch corn tortillas every day. You can choose to fill those tortillas up with slow braised pork, tinga chicken, carna asada, skirt steak, or pastor, along with 21 other fresh ingredients. Your employees will appreciate all of the options they can find with our catering services. Our stomachs are starting to rumble just thinking of all of this delicious food!

Choosing Modern Tortilla for Catering in Phoenix

If you are ready to take your office event to the next level, make sure you contact Modern Tortilla for catering in Phoenix. We are ready to serve up incredible southwest favorites fresh for your employees to enjoy. Contact us today! If you want to try before you buy, you can find our food truck at many different Phoenix venues across the valley each week. Track where we will be next at our website and come see what the fuss is all about.

4th of July Celebration? Get a Taco Truck for Parties Today!

To spice up your 4th of July celebrations, order a taco truck for parties to cater for your party! Easy, fresh, and fun, our taco truck offers a variety of catering options from drop-off catering to a full-service made to order taco stand at your party. Choose the right catering service for your party’s needs and let us take care of the meal preparation, serving, and cleanup!

About Us

Modern Tortilla is a new but immediately popular taco truck located in Phoenix, Arizona. At Modern Tortilla, we use the very freshest ingredients to create innovative versions of traditional Southwestern favorites such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and more.

We offer multiple levels of catering service to guests anywhere in the Valley. Whether you want tacos dropped off before the start of your 4th of July party or a full-fledged catering service, we’re able to help you curate the perfect event. Because no two parties are the same, we understand that choice and flexibility are what will help you make your party great.

Our Food

Taking Phoenix by a storm, Modern Tortilla stands out from other taco stands in the Valley. We’re known for our amazingly fresh tortillas, which is where the delicious flavors of our food begin.

Made plain or infused with Southwestern flavors, our tortillas are made fresh daily. They have a perfect consistency and are the freshest base for tacos, burritos, and quesadillas found in the Valley. They really do make a world of a difference!

Inside these delicious, fluffy, and fresh tortillas, we pack flavorful punches of vegetables, meats, and cheeses that are sure to please the taste buds of even the pickiest skeptics at your 4th of July party.

Our meats are carefully prepared from the very best ingredients found in the Valley. We highly recommend trying our braised pork or 24-hour marinated skirt steak!

Choose a Catering Service

Because having choices helps you curate the party of your dreams, we offer a variety of different catering options.

For the simplest, most invisible service, allow us to make you a variety of dishes in bulk and drop them off at your party’s location. This option is perfect for those who want a super simple meal. We won’t tell if you take credit for the food!

For a step up, we also offer a build-your-own-taco stand. For this option, guests start with one of our freshly made tortillas and then choose from four different meats and over 20 different kinds of toppings. A real party pleaser, this option is great for parties with varied taste buds!

For the most fun dining experience, we recommend hiring our Modern Tortilla taco truck. For this option, we bring the taco truck to you and prepare each taco with love by hand for your guests. This option is wonderful for parties looking to add a unique and memorable dining experience. It’s also the freshest of the three options since we’ll make your food to order on-site!

Why Choose Modern Tortilla for a Taco Truck for Parties?

With so many great food options in the Valley, we understand that we have a lot of competition! At Modern Tortilla, we’re dedicated to providing incredible customer service and the very freshest Southwestern-inspired dishes to your 4th of July party.

With amazingly fresh food made by accomplished chefs, our tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are quickly becoming a staple in the Phoenix area.

We’d love to show you why we’re the best taco stand in Phoenix by catering your 4th of July party! To learn more about our catering services, check out the catering tab on our website. You can even book your event online there!

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Drop Off Catering in Phoenix from Modern Tortilla

We understand. You want your next office party, birthday party, or social get-together to feature the very best authentic Mexican catering in Phoenix. Problem is, you don’t have room to park the stylish Modern Tortilla taco truck in your dining hall. No problem! With our drop-off catering services, you get the same delicious tortillas, savory meats, delicious grilled veggies, and innovative toppings as when you have our truck on-site. Why settle for boring when you can cater your next party with all the deliciousness of a handmade tacos and new age Mexican cuisine!?

At Modern Tortilla, we featuring an innovative and modern take on classic Mexican cuisine. From the founders of the award-winning Aioli Burger franchise, our mobile taco creation station serves up delicious classics in incredible new ways, making them a must for your next catered affair. With our drop-off catering services, your specially planned meal will be prepared and delivered piping hot, ready for your guests with no fuss and no worrying on your part.

Kiss Boring Adiós 

Imagine the look on your guest’s faces when everyone lines up expecting ho-hum catered food like soggy hot dogs and old macaroni and cheese, only to realize they are in store for a sumptuous build-your-own-taco bar! Things will get even better when we proceed to wow everyone’s taste buds with tantalizing tacos, overstuffed burritos bursting with flavorful ingredients, and delicious sides and appetizers.

 Finger-Licking Flavor With Our Catering in Phoenix

Featuring only fresh ingredients locally grown or made from scratch, we offer you the fun experience of creating your own taco from the best building blocks on Earth. Our normal catering package features succulent chicken tinga, savory grass-fed skirt steak, bold lime-marinated cod, or subtly spicy pork pastor. We also include inventive gourmet toppings like pineapple salsa, habanero salsa, roasted pepitas, tomatillo salsa, or pickled Napa cabbage; your guests will go crazy! They can add cotija or cheddar cheese, tomatillos, pickled red onions – whatever they feel like! All of this is included in our drop-off catering package, which is carefully prepared and delivered fresh to your party venue. You and your guests will marvel at the robust flavors, but do be prepared for the inevitable argument over which is better: our chipotle or our cilantro-lime infused handmade tortillas!

Delicious Sides

It’s your party, we just work here. Complete your drop-off catering package with delicious sides like elote (roasted corn with cilantro lime mayo) or Spanish rice with paprika and stewed tomatoes. Fresh tortilla chips and fire roasted salsa are obviously included, too. Our desserts such as a refreshing horchata (cinnamon-infused rice milk) or our signature crème-filled churros drizzled with Mexican chocolate and cinnamon sugar are big hits as well.

Our founder, Chef Tom, wanted to bring his childhood favorites to life in a unique blend of classical Mexican cuisine crossed with modern preparations and bold new flavors. The result is the abundant smiles on your party guests’ faces. At least it will be, if you take advantage of our drop-off catering in Phoenix!  View our online calendar for our schedule and contact our team to reserve your party date and plan your menu, today!

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