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We all dream about the perfect proposal, the perfect wedding, and, of course, the perfect taco, and if you have begun to start planning your perfect day, it’s also time to consider Modern Tortilla for your wedding catering in Arizona needs! There’s a lot that goes into the making of a wedding, from saying yes to the dress to planning the honeymoon, and while we can’t help you find the right shade of turquoise for the bridesmaids’ gowns, we can make sure that your guests and your family will have a chance to build the perfect taco on the day you will never forget.

Do You Take This Taco?

Your relationship is a unique one, filled with equal parts love and laughter, so why should your wedding dinner be like every other wedding dinner? Asking your guests to choose between rubbery chicken and leathery steaks is boring and bland; allowing them to build their own tacos allows everyone to enjoy your day as much as you will! And because we’ve been with you every step of your relationship, you probably already know that our food is made with the freshest ingredients. But did you know that all our tortillas are homemade as well? As you and your bride or groom stare lovingly into each other’s eyes all through this magical evening, we can’t promise that you won’t get distracted as you pile up the ingredients on the tortillas of your dreams. Create your own masterpiece with spicy chicken or steak, fresh and creamy cheese, locally grown tomatoes, lettuce, and salsas that have just the right amount of heat, then add avocados, onions, elote, and chopped jalapeños, or take a walk on the wild side and add pineapple, pickled red onion, roasted tomatoes and cotija cheese and create your own version of our Modern Mayan. Like snowflakes, every taco will be different, and like your relationship, each taco will be a magical creation!

Who Needs Wedding Cake When You Can Have a Crème-Filled Churro?

Ok, we get it, the wedding cake is an iconic tradition that adds to the beauty of your special day, but it won’t hurt to add our heavenly crème-filled churros to the mix! Sweetly spiced with cinnamon and sugar, the crème melts in your mouth and sweetens even the crankiest of dispositions, ensuring the end of your wedding day goes as smoothly as it started!


We wish you many years of wedded bliss and that every day of your life is Taco Tuesday! Give us a call today and let’s get the party started! Explore our restaurant catering services today.


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