Add Modern Tortilla to Your Arizona Thanksgiving Celebration

As you start making the plans for your Thanksgiving celebration, you may find yourself being distracted by factors that no one can blame you for! The weather in November is so beautiful, our much needed reward for managing to make it through another summer of scorching temperatures that last through most of the fall (101 in October is a little insane, no matter how you look at it!) and if you find yourself sitting out on your back porch, watching the sun set as you sip your favorite chardonnay instead of doing chores, you may be worried that everything won’t be done in time! This is where Modern Tortilla marches into your holiday picture, acting as the hero in your own personal Hallmark movie, encouraging you to consider adding us to your Arizona Thanksgiving celebration! And no, we aren’t asking you to invite us as guests, we want to give your turkey day a distinctive Latin flair, by providing the catering services for your fall party!

Tacos instead of Turkey?

If we have learned nothing else over the last few years it is how to thrive in circumstances that are less than perfect, and we have gained a new outlook on old traditions. We work from homes that aren’t always our homes, our children have continued classes while sitting in front of little silver chrome books, and we have all learned a greater appreciation for the smaller things in life, and yes, that can include a chicken Tinga sandwich from Modern Tortilla! Lower your stress levels and concentrate on your conversations with the matriarch of your extended family, secure in the knowledge that although there will be other Arizona Thanksgiving celebrations, THIS one is the one you never will forget. And whether the party is just an intimate event with your spouse, your children, and your faithful furry companion or it is a grand event with cousins, step-grandparents, and the neighbor lady that has served as an honorary auntie to your kiddos, we have the catering solution that will fit your needs like a fine leather glove!

New Traditions

So, even as we appreciate the old traditions there comes a time in every life where new ones may bring joy and peace to the people who are involved, starting with letting someone else do the cooking on your most favorite holiday of all! Give us a call today and let Modern Tortilla give you more time to appreciate this absolutely gorgeous desert weather!


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