Announcing Fresh Taste Meal Prep!

Don’t you just love when an idea that came about out of necessity works so well you start to wonder how you ever lived without it your entire life? That is exactly what happened to us during the early days of the quarantine, when we realized that people needed help with their meal choices and the idea of offering a meal prep service came to mind! And now, months later, the idea has become so popular, we are now able to offer it as a full-time venture! Coming straight to you from the creators of Modern Tortilla, our Fresh Taste Meal Prep service has everything you need to make your evening dinners simple, fresh, and delicious!

Three Steps to Yum

Your life is complicated enough, so we knew that whatever we chose to do, we needed to make it easy, and we think we managed to do so wonderfully! First step, make your meal selections at the link we listed above. Our menus change every week, eliminating any chance of food boredom, but if you find something you love, we encourage you to stick with it! We also work with your dietary restrictions, so please be sure to let us know if you have a peanut allergy or can’t handle gluten. Second step, choose between delivery or self-pick-up. We deliver anywhere in the valley of the sun for a small fee that ranges between $5 and $10, depending on how far away from our meal prep kitchens your home is located! Remembering to order by Thursday at 3 PM ensures that your weekly meals will be ready for pick-up or delivery on Sunday afternoon, and your mind will be free of at least one worry as you prepare for another week of meetings, school events, and having to remember if this is the week your child physically goes to school or if this is his or her online time! And finally, the third and last step is the simplest of all and involves nothing more than to enjoy the meals we worked so hard on! Our meal prep dishes are made with fresh and local ingredients that are healthy, delicious, and absolutely guilt-free! The nutrition information is all on the label attached to each meal, allowing our customers to know everything there is to know about the dish.

If You Haven’t Tried It Yet

Now is the perfect time to check out our newest endeavor! And of course, if you’re craving tacos, our food trucks are easy to find as well!

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