Best AZ Comfort Food at Modern Tortilla

When life gets crazy and your job begins to overwhelm, chances are you head home to drown your troubles in the comfort meals that always seem to make life better. Nothing makes you feel better about your life than your favorite dishes! In many parts of the nation, comfort meals may be macaroni and cheese, casseroles, even a big plate filled with fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but in the Southwest, the foods that comfort often come with a spicy twist, something that makes Modern Tortilla the first place you think of when times are toughest. This guide to our best AZ comfort food will help you spend less time thinking about what to eat and more time actually consuming the meal!

Tacos for the Win

The question shouldn’t be what problems can a good taco from Modern Tortilla resolve, but what problems CAN’T they solve? Filled with the spicy meats you love, (chicken tinga, carne asada, and delicious veggies for those that can’t handle the meat) that first bite will wipe your mind clear of any issues that may be clouding it! And because enough is never enough when eating Mexican food, all our plates are accompanied by a large helping of chips and salsa! How can anyone feel bad about anything when devouring chips and salsa?

Food for the Soul

You don’t have to be suffering from melancholy to enjoy a comfort meal. Sometimes a good meal filled with your favorites just enhances an evening that is already wonderful, and our Southwest Burrito Plate (also served with chips and salsa) can be the shining star of your fantastic time! Juicy carne asada and farm fresh sweet corn embraced by one of our handmade chili flour tortillas and topped with cilantro and Monterey cheddar blend makes this burrito a super-sized comfort meal that will bring joy to your soul.

Before You Go

Sometimes the best AZ comfort food isn’t a meal at all, and our house made mason jar lemonade is the perfect example! Is there anything more comforting than an icy glass of sweet and tart lemonade on a day when record high summer temperatures are making you reconsider life in the desert? Stop by Modern Tortilla today for a meal and a lemonade and forget that the temperatures are reaching 120 soon!


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