Cater a Small Event with Our Taco Cart

There are always going to be the big moments in our lives, the moments that deserve a celebration to remember—weddings, anniversaries, or milestone birthdays to name a few—but we at Modern Tortilla feel that every event deserves the best food, and our taco carts are the perfect way to show your guests you care. Offering the same delicious taste you have learned to expect from our food, just offered on a smaller scale, if you aren’t catering your small event with a Modern Tortilla taco cart, your party may still shine, just a little duller and with far less taste.

Not Everyone Has the Room for a Food Truck

It is true that our Modern Tortilla food trucks offer an impressive entrance to any grand soiree, and it is even truer that tacos make a party one no one will ever forget, but the smaller size of our taco carts ensure that you can celebrate no matter how tiny your yard or home may be. Designed to keep the hot ingredients hot, the cold ingredients cold, and all the ingredients absolutely delicious, your guests, no matter how few, will be lining up eagerly for their turn to taste the tacos we have prepared. And you won’t have to move all your furniture against the wall or stack your lawn chairs in the garage, because our taco carts are designed to fit in the smallest of spaces while providing the largest of taste explosions.

Every Day Is Taco Tuesday with Modern Tortilla

After your kiddo is accepted in Cooperstown, your husband got that big promotion, or when you learn that the neighbors you have lived next door to for many years are moving on, it is time to start planning the event that commemorates all of the above. And because every day can be Taco Tuesday, all you need is our phone number, some good music, even better friends, and an Arizona-sized appetite to throw a party that will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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The small events can offer the big moments when you choose to cater your party with our Modern Tortilla taco carts. Contact us today and let our tacos be the perfect ingredient to your small event.


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