Cater Your Party for Spring Break in Arizona with Modern Tortilla

Remember the days when your idea of the perfect Spring Break involved cheap hotels, all the alcohol you could drink, and pizzas that were cheap, huge, and shared by everyone in your group? There were probably some very good times that happened in those days, but your idea of an excellent party has probably changed over the years, and today, as you begin planning a Spring Break in Arizona celebration, the differences will become very clear. No more hard hotel beds with questionable sanitation, the alcohol you drink may run towards craft beers, silky wines, and high-end tequilas, and the food you crave? The delicious flavors of the Southwest are what you seek, all catered by your favorite gourmet food truck, Modern Tortilla, and if you hadn’t thought that far along, today we will discuss with you all the reasons why you should have your Spring Break party catered by us!

Pizza Is So College Dorm Party

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but pizza is something you eat on a busy Friday night after the kids are home from their sporting events or something that was standard at your old college dorm parties. And whether you grew up on the spicy flavors of Mexican food or are a more recent transplant to the Valley of the Sun and have learned exactly why tacos are fast becoming America’s favorite handheld, you know that a fiesta starring Modern Tortilla and our wonderful dishes will be one that will be talked about for years to come! Saving you time and effort, our catering menu is a special one that just may become your newest obsession with our catering number (602) 848-8823) coming up on your speed dial for every party you host.

The Season of Promise

Spring is known for April showers (although not so much in the desert), May flowers, and for being the season of promise, and we promise that your Spring Break celebration will be one that everyone will wish never had to end. Celebrate the beauty of March with our tacos, burritos, and quesadillas and wonder why you never thought of doing this sooner, feeling secure in the realization that you will never have to party without us ever again. Offering four ways to party with the tacos—drop off, full catering, taco carts, and taco trucks—you won’t need to change your party to match the theme of the catering because we match our catering services to what your party needs.

The Simple Joys of a Really Excellent Taco

Whether your party is a raucous celebration with neighbors, coworkers, and friends or a family gathering with kids playing tags, dogs barking happily at their feet, and the matriarchs and patriarchs sitting under the gazebo, talking about the good old days, the simple joys of a really excellent taco will enhance the event. Chicken tinga, carne asada, and the surprising excitement of our veggie tacos with their tortilla shells filled with sweet potatoes, corn, onions, and red peppers are just a lot of words that can be boiled down to one simple sentence: Modern Tortilla’s tacos are that good.

More Than Tacos

If tacos were all that we offered for your Spring Break extravaganza, we are sure you would be happy and satisfied, but Modern Tortilla doesn’t subscribe to the belief that less is more. In addition to the tacos listed above, your party guests will be able to choose between our Southwest Steak Burrito Plate and our Chicken Fajita Quesadilla. The steak burrito will please the heartiest of eaters, its red chile tortilla stuffed full with carne, corn, cilantro, and a variety of cheeses while the chicken quesadilla will introduce adults to a new version of an old comfort food. Every plate we offer comes with chips and salsa, ensuring that although your guests may leave the party a little tipsy and a lot exhausted, they definitely won’t leave hungry.

The Season for Tacos

Every season is the right season for tacos (yes, even in the hottest days of summer, a taco can bring joy) but when you celebrate the season of rain, flowers, and brief escapes from the world of school and work with a taco, burrito, or quesadilla, spring will become THE season for tacos. Portable and delicious, these crispy pockets of spice and flavor can be enjoyed poolside as the sun drops behind the mountains, setting the sky on fire. An Arizona sunset once witnessed is not soon forgotten and an Arizona sunset complemented by the fiery taste of a chicken tinga taco is one that will go down in history as the best sunset EVER! Additionally, if you’re planning a spring wedding, our team can help provide the ultimate feast with our wedding catering services.

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