Create Your Own Tacos in Phoenix!

Nobody knows your taste like you do, even though many restaurants try to force their flavors on you with the very rude rule of no substitutions! Taking no care for your allergies, likes, or dislikes, sometimes it can feel as if you are a young child at your parent’s dinner table hearing mom warn you, “You’ll eat what I fix and like it!” When you choose Modern Tortilla for your epicurean delights, however, we believe in free will and tacos in Phoenix for all—and when you create your own tacos in Phoenix, you can ensure your meal will be the flavorful fix you’ve been seeking!

Starting with Fresh and Local

Food trucks today offer a unique approach to meal service, and our Modern Tortilla ones lead the way with their selection of savory Southwest spreads guaranteed to please. The veggies used are fresh and gathered from local sources, the meats are high grade, and every spice and ingredient are picked to ensure every bite is filled with flavor. Knowing that the taco you are about to ingest, one you’ve created yourself, is healthy and delicious makes each one taste more delicious than the last!

Choose a chicken taco with fresh avocado and chipotle salsa for a California creation that pleases the palate, or if the mood of the day is vegetarian, who says you have to have meat in a taco for it to be perfect? Fill your tortilla of taste with onions, peppers, avocados, sweet corn, cheeses, and the salsa that makes your taste buds stand up at attention and we can promise you won’t miss the protein one bit! There are no rules when it comes time to create your own taste sensation, aside from one: Pick the ingredients that make you happy! Make a carnivore mix of steak, pork, and chicken that will melt in your mouth or try one of our classics without onions. And because not everyone enjoys the strong bite of a white onion, the sweet heat of one of our pickled red onions can be substituted in whatever taco you want! Creating your own tacos in Phoenix is sounding better and better every minute!

Create Your Tacos in Phoenix Today

Life gets a little boring without some extra spice, and all our Modern Tortilla food trucks are designed to bring on the spice. Explore our calendar to discover where we are going to be today and bring a little color into your workday by eating our tacos in Phoenix! Contact us today if you have any questions.


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