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If you haven’t looked at a calendar recently, you may be a little surprised to discover Easter is just a few short weeks away, and now is the time you need to start cleaning, planning, and shopping for the Easter feast. Everyone is coming to your house this year, and if the thought of all the work that accompanies any holiday gathering tires you out before you even start, we at Modern Tortilla have a partial solution for you! We can’t clean your house or tell your Cousin Jeanette that her children need to be monitored more closely during her visit, but our Easter catering service can take away a big part of your pain!

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Relax and Enjoy

Choosing Modern Tortilla to cater your Easter feast promises to be the start of a new tradition as you begin to realize all the stress you’ve felt in past years and discover how wonderful it is to let someone else take over the hard parts! Offering all your favorite dishes and a few new ones you may not have considered before, our Easter catering menu is a comprehensive example of the best of Easter meals. Our Easter meals include a choice between prime rib and ham and come with all the fixings, including three-cheese mac and cheese, roasted farm vegetables, mashed potatoes, rolls, and a delicious dessert. Also offering a selection of extra-special sides you can add on to your meal, the green bean casserole, herbed stuffing, and sweet potato casserole have become popular favorites and will soon become a tradition in your family! Only celebrating with one other person this year? We offer meals for two people that include all the same choices, just in smaller portions, because we know you don’t need a huge group of people to celebrate the holiday, especially with the social distancing practices that are still so very important!

What to Do with That Extra Time?

Now that we’re doing the cooking for your Easter gathering, what are you going to do with all that extra time? You could spend it creating and drinking a new Easter cocktail, hiding eggs, or simply sitting at the table talking with family you haven’t spoken to since last year’s celebration where you spent most of the time in the kitchen glazing hams, whipping mashed potatoes, and stirring the gravy! Order your Easter feast today and revel in the free time our catering service opens up for you.

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