Father’s Day Catering from Modern Tortilla

We love our dads, those big, strong men who always seem to know how to take care of all the tiny details in life. They can fix our cars, they know the quickest way to get to Prescott at different times of day, and they have their own booths in their favorite dining spots all over town. And yet, when it comes to Father’s Day, we don’t really do anything that special for them; a card, a quick text, and maybe, dinner at his favorite restaurant if we have the time! This year has been a difficult one, though, and through all the hard times our dads have stood strong, telling dad jokes and offering hugs when we didn’t realize just how much we needed one. So this year, we at Modern Tortilla think you should do something different. This year, a backyard fiesta featuring delicious meals catered by Modern Tortilla is the perfect way to show him how much you appreciate him and allow everyone to eat tacos at the same time!

He Carries the Shopping Bags Without Complaint

We love shopping with dad because we know that when our arms get tired, he will take over the carrying of the shopping bags, but when you plan a Fiesta for Father, we will work as a team to spoil him the way he deserves! You provide the place, the guests, and the alcoholic beverages and we’ll create a meal he will never forget. For the simple backyard retreat, our drop off services could be all you need; we drop off the food and you eat, enjoy, then clean up after! Not a lot of work for a small event, but the taste of a steak burrito and Spanish rice will make dad feel as if he is king of the world, and if you add our crème filled churros to the menu, you will most definitely become the most loved of all your siblings. Our build your own taco stand is always a hit, but you will need space for our truck, as you would if you chose our full service catering option. In any case, the food will all be freshly made with local ingredients. Nothing is too good for dear old dad, and a Modern Tortilla Father’s Day Fiesta is the best way to prove it!

A Delicious Father’s Day Celebration

We don’t want to scare you, but Father’s Day is just days away. Give us a call today and show him how much he is loved and appreciated!


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