Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Arizona Valentine’s Day Celebration with the Girls

There’s nothing more depressing than when Arizona Valentine’s Day rolls around and our relationship status is “table for 1, please.” The world is geared towards couples and romance on February 14th, but in 2024, we singles of the world are taking back the date, planning an evening that celebrates not just our solo status, but the friends who truly are our soulmates, and Galentine’s Day is rapidly gaining excitement and interest. And because even as you celebrate with your friends, the restaurants are still going to be crowded, we at Modern Tortilla encourage you to consider having us cater for your newest favorite holiday!

Why Go Out When Staying In is So Much Fun?

Forget about the crowds, the expense, and the worry about which of you is going to be the designated driver after savoring a bottle of bubbly. This year, your Galentine’s Day party is going to be one you will never forget because you chose Modern Tortilla to provide America’s favorite handheld, the crunch, fiery, and ever-so-delicious taco! Stay in your comfy pants for the evening, open another bottle of wine, and prepare for an evening that will be much more fulfilling than any you may have enjoyed during your couple of years. Life without your friends who have stood by you through all your phases is not worth contemplating and although it may sound like we are bragging, this night with its laughter, tears, and happy chatter will shine even brighter. (It’s not bragging if it’s true, right?)

Starting a New Tradition

The best thing about celebrating Galentine’s Day is that even couples can choose to celebrate as well. Especially our guests who are in seasoned marriages, ones that understand that Arizona Valentine’s Day is nothing more than a promotion to keep the greeting card companies thriving. You know he loves you and he knows you love him, so why not take February 14 for a date night with your bestie? She doesn’t get as much attention as she did in your single days and yet she is still the first one you call when you are excited, happy, or sad and Galentine’s Day can be the day you show how much you care!

Set up our Catering Services Today

It’s easy to do, simply call us at (602) 848-8823 and get the ball rolling. We also offer a form that you can fill out and email to us at your convenience but don’t wait too long. February 14 is a busy day, no matter what is being celebrated!


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