Let Modern Tortilla Handle Labor Day Catering for your Event!

Did you notice that? When you stepped out to take your recycle bin to the curb this morning, a breeze that didn’t fry your cheeks tousled your hair. And when the rain fell the other morning, thunder rolled, and lightning lit up the sky, when the storm had passed the temperatures did not immediately soar back up to 100 and why did we ever think living in the desert was a great idea degree! Yes, dear friends, the end of summer torture is creeping ever closer and although we all know that Labor Day does not signify the end of summer in the desert by any means, it does begin to prop open the door to cooler temperatures! After spending the majority of our summer months cocooned inside the air-conditioned coolness of our homes, it is time to get back outside and start using our pools again and a Labor Day celebration is the traditional way to start the fun, especially when you choose Modern Tortilla Labor Day catering for your big bash!

Why Cater?

The temperatures haven’t quite cooled down enough to make the idea of standing in front of a fire sound like a good one and our electric bills haven’t quite dropped to levels that don’t make our bank accounts wince so heating up the kitchen doesn’t sound all that wonderful either! Tacos, however, prepared by Modern Tortilla, and served in a variety of ways is always an excellent idea and your Labor Day party will be the talk of the town when you choose our Labor Day catering for the day dedicated to not laboring! And because we serve tacos, burritos, and cheesy quesadillas destined to make your mouth water, guests are sure to enjoy the taste of Mexico that make their hearts beat a little faster! Offering the meals we desert dwellers have grown up with and proving once again why tacos are fast outranking sandwiches as Americans go to handheld, your Labor Day fiesta can become a new tradition in your neighborhood as everyone comes to your house to eat, drink, and make merry for the holiday!

Every Bite Will be the Best One

Accessories make the outfit and our food accessories are designed to make the meal; chips and salsa, house-made mason jar lemonade, and of course, our delicious crème-filled churros will make your table the best-dressed table in the neighborhood! Give us a call today and let Modern Tortilla take the labor out of your Labor Day shenanigans!


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