Make A Stop At Modern Tortilla This Arizona Halloween!

Even when it falls on a Monday night like it does this year, Halloween is your children’s second most awaited night of the year. Giving them a chance to be someone else, stay up late roaming the streets like a pack of wild animals, AND ALL.THAT.CANDY! Their lives are sweet enough on normal days but on this special holiday, they become supercharged on a super candy rush! Of course, moms and dads may like the holiday because they like to see their children happy and there is a chance they will be able to enjoy a horror movie marathon later, but the work involved makes them cringe, especially if they are working parents. You work all day, rush home to discover that you ate all the candy you bought early, your youngest somehow lost his Thor hammer for his costume, and yes, your excited ghouls and goblins are clamoring to know what’s for dinner. No sane parent wants to cook on Arizona Halloween and you have to go out anyway (the little beggars who are about to descend upon your doorstep are not going to be satisfied with apples, bananas, or that half-open box of pop tarts you have left!) so why not take a few minutes make a stop at Modern Tortilla before the big adventures begin?

A Bastion of Peace and Deliciousness

There are many reasons why you want to take a few minutes out of your Halloween night to explore the menu options at Modern Tortilla, but do you really need a REASON? You work hard, your kids are about to become little monsters (of course we are talking about their costumes!) and the night ahead of you stretches out in a seemingly endless array of minutes. Taking these few minutes before you join in the neighborhood shenanigans will help you fill those energy banks you will so desperately need to draw on as the night grows later! The bonus of enjoying Taco Monday AND Taco Tuesday is another factor you must consider during your hunt for a quick and delicious meal and if you are like us, you probably would love to celebrate Taco Monday THROUGH Sunday! In any case, as you and your family dress up as Stranger Things characters, buy those overpriced bags of candy (AGAIN!) and devour Modern Tortilla’s tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, these last minutes before the candy storm promise to bring you peace and flavor! Stop by Modern Tortilla on Arizona Halloween night and take a few minutes to breathe!


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