Make Modern Tortilla Your Memorial Day Meal

As much as we may have mixed feelings about the arrival of summer here in our desert hometown, the excitement over the first 3 day weekend in a long time can not be extinguished! Memorial Day is almost here and you may be finding yourself with the urge to party but may not have the desire to take part in all the work a Memorial Day party will need. And although we at Modern Tortilla can’t help with the cleaning, shopping, and last-minute maintenance needed on your pool, we can provide the most important part of any celebration (after the guests!) by catering the big event! This guide to making Modern Tortilla your Memorial Day Meal will have you yearning for the taste of tacos before the big day arrives, so we suggest stopping by our food trucks in advance to help hold you over until the party starts!

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Let’s Get the Party Started

Your wardrobe considerations are simple when a pool is involved, needing nothing more than a towel, a cover-up, and your favorite swimsuit, so while you are getting dressed, we can be in your kitchen setting up our drop-off catering meal. We offer a variety of options for catering, including a food truck, a taco cart, and a full catering service that features action stations designed to spoil your guests, so take your time and pick the one that works best for you! And although tacos may seem like a strange choice for an All-American holiday, surveys show that they are fast beating out burgers in the handheld meal competitions; they even have a day dedicated to their deliciousness! Can hamburgers say that?

Family Matters

Maybe this year you just want to keep things simple, needing a break from the people-y world out there and maybe you find yourself needing some special time with your nuclear family. Obviously, your intimate gathering of parents and children won’t require a fully catered meal but that doesn’t mean you can’t stop by one of our food trucks and purchase the Southwest delights your family adores! Enjoy any of our tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, and make this all-American holiday more special with the purchase of our all-American house-made mason jar lemonades! Refreshing, tart and sweet these delicious beverages can even be taken to the next level of wonderful with the addition of your favorite spirits!

Happy Memorial Day!

Fill out our catering form today and prepare for a party that will never be forgotten!

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