Menu Spotlight: The Steak Quesadilla

Born and raised right here in Arizona, most of our Modern Tortilla staff has grown up on the simple joys of tacos and quesadillas, while the rest of the world is more familiar with grilled cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. That just makes us sad. Once you’ve tasted the explosion of flavor that accompanies a quesadilla dipped in salsa with just the right amount of heat, your life is forever changed!And when you stop to think about the basic quesadilla, consisting of nothing more than cheese and a crispy grilled tortilla, it’s just about as perfect a meal that’s ever been created—until now! We like to think we have enhanced perfection with our Southwest Steak Quesadilla and we really think you should try one for your next lunch.

The Steak Quesadilla: Delicious with Every Bite

When you combine two near-perfect foods, the outcome is destined to be unforgettable,and that’s what we have done with our steak quesadilla! We start with a grilled chili flour tortilla;the spice of the chili is hot, but not so hot that our northern friends unaccustomed to heat can’t handle it. Next, we prepare the carne asada,seasoning it to perfection and grilling it just the way you love. At this point, the scent of meat attracts hungry guests in hordes, and the sight of salivating masses brings a smile to our chef’s face because he knows the best is yet to come! A handful of sweet corn and a sprinkle of cilantro is about to be layered on, but first, comes the cheese. Gooey, sticky, and so delicious, our blend of Monterey and cheddar cheeses is generously spread onto the savory tortilla, followed by the perfectly cooked carne, and topped with the previously mentioned sweet corn and cilantro. Folded in half and grilled to a perfect crispness on both sides, our savvy Modern Tortilla grill cook knows the exact moment to remove this tasty treat from the grill to be cut into easily handled triangles.

As it is plated (or boxed) and prepared for your consumption, be sure to stop just a second and enjoy the beauty of the colors of your Southwest Steak Quesadilla: the red of the chili tortilla, the gold and white of the cheese,the rich brown of the steak, and the sprinkle of green from cilantro. This dish is a work of art that will only improve with each bite. Ok, go ahead—it’s time to take your first bite of paradise. It’s not necessary to tell us what you think;the ecstasy in your eyes will be plain for all to see!

The Art of the Meal

Modern Tortilla finds the beauty in simple blends of ingredients. Locally sourced and served fresh and hot, your palate will thank you with every bite! Think about us when it’s time to cater your next event or when you’re just looking for the perfect taste of a steak quesadilla on a random Tuesday afternoon!


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