Modern Tortilla Is The Perfect Stop If You’re On A Road Trip And Passing Through Phoenix

A road trip is a summer tradition that just adds to the beauty of the season and if you are planning one that takes you through Phoenix, tasteful adventures are awaiting you when you choose to make a stop at Modern Tortilla to fill your internal tank! Offering a taste of the Southwest that may even convince you that Phoenix is starting to look like your idea of a hometown, seeking out one of our food trucks may end up being a life-changing experience! This guide to why our Modern Tortilla food trucks make the perfect pit stop during your highway explorations during the Arizona road trip part!

The Taste of Freedom

After loading up your car that first morning of your adventure, you adjusted your mirrors, checked out the route, and turned the radio to your favorite station while anticipation of your journey made your heart beat a little faster. The sun may not have risen yet, but you knew that this Arizona road trip was one that would add a fabulous chapter to your life story and as you have driven through small towns, enjoyed hearty breakfasts at tiny diners, and slept each night in a different bed, the adventures keep adding up. And as you drive into Phoenix for the first time or the thousandth time, Mexican food is on your mind, and the search for our Modern Tortilla food truck begins. Once you have found your prey, you take your place in line, sniffing the air in appreciation, allowing the savory scents to start the salivation process, and by the time you have reached the front of the line and it is your turn to order, the grumbling of a hungry stomach will be able to be heard by all. Choose a taco filled with chicken, pork, or steak or really fill your empty tank with a delicious burrito; our Southwest Burrito offers a true taste of Arizona and is built with a chili flour tortilla filled with carne asada, sweet corn, cilantro, and a blend of cheeses that will just make you happy. Served with chips and salsa, all that you need is a beverage to wash down this blend of amazing flavors and our handmade mason jar lemonades finish off this taste of summer perfectly!

Driving Off into the Sunset

Your belly is full, your thirst is quenched and it is time to move on to the next stop of your tour, but the memories of our Modern Tortilla meal will linger with you forever! Don’t forget to put us at the top of your Phoenix itinerary!


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