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The joy of cooking always pales in comparison to the joy you find in devouring your favorite Modern Tortilla dishes but today we want to talk about some of our other menu items, you know, the ones you keep telling yourselves you should try? And every time you find yourself waiting in line outside one of our food trucks, you are determined to try something new, but find yourself drifting right back to the tried and true. We get it, life is too short to take a chance on a dish you may or may not like, but everything we serve at Modern Tortilla promises to be your favorite; you just have to give it a try! This guide to some of our Modern Tortilla menu items you may have overlooked will help make the decision on what to eat that much easier.

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Steak Burrito

As you can imagine, our tacos are much loved especially on Tuesdays, but our Modern Tortilla menu offers more than just tacos. The hungriest of diners will find their mouths salivating when they capture their first sight and scent of our delicious steak burritos! Made with juicy and flavorful carne asada tucked into a chile flour tortilla and then smothered with white onions, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh cilantro, lima crema, and pickled jalapeño, every bite you take promises to bring an explosion of flavor in your mouth!

Chicken Fajita Quesadilla

We will be honest. When the idea of a quesadilla filled not just with cheese and chicken but with veggies was first brought up, we were a little unsure. But when it was mentioned that the veggies would be FAJITA veggies, well we became 100 percent on board with the idea. Sweet, flavorful, and colorful, the onions and peppers take the ordinary quesadilla to new levels of delicious. (not that any of our quesadillas could be considered ordinary!)

Crème Filled Churros

If you haven’t tried these sweet treats for yourself, we have to ask, why not? Modern Tortilla is doing what it does best once again, taking something we have always loved and making it better! In this case, you might have wondered “why mess with perfection?” We do agree that a churro is as close to perfect as it can be in its “natural state” but we have surpassed perfection with the addition of one simple ingredient. The crème filling that will be the topic of many happy dreams!

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