New Modern Tortilla Menu Items to Try

As we boldly stride into the new year, we find ourselves looking forward to the new and as of yet undiscovered and that includes the foods you may not have tried before today. Modern Tortilla has long been known as a food truck serving traditional food with a new age twist and even as you may have been following us for a while, there may still be Modern Tortilla menu items that you have yet to try and today, we invite you to color outside the lines of your normal tastes. This guide to something new found at Modern Tortilla will allow you to discover your latest obsessions.

Healthy Can Taste Good

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is the one where we promise to lose weight and if you think that losing weight and eating Mexican food can not go hand in hand we are excited to prove you wrong. You may have seen our veggie taco on the menu, preferring to ignore anything with vegetable in the title, but trust us. The taste of this taco will stun and its heartiness will surprise, encouraging guests to discover a new and healthy taste they will love forever.

The Tortilla That Changes It All

Anyone who spent any amount of time in Arizona understands the importance of the tortilla when it comes to tacos and burritos, but you may not know that tortillas come in many different flavors as well. If this is a new concept for you and you find yourself feeling especially hungry in this first month of the new year, we invite you to sample our Modern Tortilla Southwest Steak Burrito. Wrapped in a chili flour tortilla that enhances the savory flavors of the meat, veggies, rice, and cheese that lie inside, its red hue offers a hint as to the flavor explosion you are about to ingest.

Not Just Food

Something new doesn’t have to be a food, it can be a beverage that is refreshing, sweet, and a little tart. We are, of course, talking about our house-made mason jar lemonade, coming in a variety of innovative flavors, and tasting like what we imagine heaven would if it had a taste. If you really want to savor a sip of the Southwest, try our Prickly Pear lemonade, and live like a native.

Make Your Way to Our Food Trucks Today!

Life is better when you try new things but blending the new with the traditional will bring you greater joy.


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