Our Recent Meal Prep Menu Offerings

Some people hate change, preferring things to stay the same, hour after hour, day after day, and week after week, and while we can see the good in a predictable life, tossing in a little unpredictability keeps things interesting. Take our weekly meal prep offerings, for example. Our Aioli Burger Kits, available in sizes of two or four burgers, are available every single week at our location inside Fry’s on Litchfield and now on our weekly meal prep menu, allowing those who enjoy having a good burger to accompany the Tuesday night programming on HGTV to continue to do so, because every family has that one person who needs that kind of structure in their life! But for those who like something different, who get excited at the thought of something new, we change it up, offering a new dish or three on every menu! And what does this mean for you? This means that your picky eaters, your predictable spouse, and your unpredictable wild child can all find something they love on our meal prep list!

What’s New?

Every week is different, but if something you loved last week is gone, there’s a chance there will be something close to substitute! For example, we are no longer offering the Salmon Tacos, but a recent week’s menu had a blackened salmon dish that freezes beautifully; snap up some extra and create your own version of our salmon tacos another time! And although we generally have some variation of similar items, we don’t want to get in a rut, so we’ve recently prepared two completely new dishes for your dining pleasure! We’re rather proud of our Grilled Bavette Steak, served with a five-onion vinaigrette and herb roasted smashed new potatoes and steamed broccoli; it is an elegant dish that your father-in-law, the notorious meat and potatoes guy, will fall in love with! For those leaning towards the lighter side, our Mild Cajun Turkey Bowls are so filled with flavor, you won’t miss any of the fat that isn’t included! Made from lean ground turkey, celery, bell peppers, parsley, house made mild Cajun spices, and topped with green onions served with a tomato creole sauce poured over healthy brown rice, this dish is definitely going to be a staple reoccurring with a semi-regular frequency! Finally, our newest addition to this amazing meal prep list is our refreshing and delicious jarred lemonades! Coming in three different flavors—original, mango, and strawberry—these specialty drinks bring the joy back to summer.

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While some of the dishes we’ve mentioned might have rotated out, there’s always something new to enjoy when you order weekly meals from Modern Tortilla. Remember, you only have until Thursday at 3PM to get in your order for the next week, so check out our menu and place your order today!


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