Planning a Bar Mitzvah Party? Here’s How We Can Help

A bar mitzvah party is a momentous occasion in a young man’s life. This celebration provides a great opportunity to gather with friends and family and celebrate the growth of this young man and the growth that is still yet to come. As with any celebration, the most important aspect is the people. But after that, it is important to have good music, and of course, good food! That is where Modern Tortilla comes in.

Top Catering Services in Town

Modern Tortilla has made a name for itself by providing some of the freshest and most innovative Southwestern dishes that you can find throughout all of Phoenix. Unique renditions on this cuisine, like that of the ‘Modern Mayan’ along with classics like the steak burrito, have made this the go to spot for this type of cuisine for so many people. What is more, this high-quality food is served out of a food truck. Well, now Modern Tortilla is making a new name for itself by bringing those same fresh ingredients and innovative recipes straight to your door through our catering services that are perfect for any event, especially a bar mitzvah.

Great Options

We know that no two parties are the same, so we offer many different types of catering services. You always have the option of simply renting the entire truck for the event. This is a great option because it opens up the entire menu for you and everything is prepared fresh to order. This allows everyone at the party to decide exactly what they want and get it as fresh as possible.

If you are looking for something a bit less extravagant, but still fresh and made to order, Modern Tortilla’s taco stands are an amazing option. Professional taco and burrito artists bring all of the fixings for our amazing menu items and set up a simple taco stand at your party.

Getting the food truck or the taco stand are both great options, but they can result in a bit of a line as people are clamoring for this amazing food. For quicker service to your guests, you can choose our drop-off catering services. These services can be completely tailored to you, so you can have all of their fresh ingredients and expertly prepared meats delivered and your guests can create their own concoctions, or you can opt for pre-made burritos and tacos so guests can simply grab what they want and go, providing for the quickest and most efficient option. Regardless of the services you choose, you can be sure each one of your guests will be blown away by the amazing food!

Reaching Out

This occasion certainly needs nothing more than good family and friends in order to be memorable, but catering services always serve to bring a celebration to the next level. You can learn more about the amazing services that Modern Tortilla provides and reach out for booking by calling (602) 435-7489. You can also learn more about this award-winning cuisine by contacting us.



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