Planning a Surprise Birthday Party? We Can Help with Our Catering in Phoenix!

You’ve been planning your surprise birthday party meticulously. Every little detail is taken care of, making sure the surprise remains a surprise until the last minute, and then… Surprise! It’s time for the party to begin and everyone is happy—until the food arrives and the jubilations fizzle because the food is not up to everyone’s expectations. The catering service messed the menu or got the orders wrong. Now everyone can’t wait to get home and grab something decent to eat. Sounds familiar? If this has happened to you before, you don’t want to have a repeat of the same surprise birthday party turning into a meh experience; it’s time to go to the professionals, and Modern Tortilla is here to help with out catering in Phoenix.

Planning is Everything

We’ve all been there. Planning a birthday party isn’t easy. Lots of things could go wrong at the last minute, and if you’re trying to keep it a surprise, your planning becomes even more stressful and challenging. You have to call a whole lot of services to make sure they got the order right and will deliver on time. You call each one twice to double check they got the names, address, and dates right. And just when you think it’s going swimmingly, the bakers send the wrong cake, or worse, with the name spelled wrong. And the stress of feeding all your guests adds to your problems. What you need is to call a food truck that will take care of the food details and keep everyone happily fed.

Quality Food

We pride ourselves on the quality food we offer. Not only do we have a wide variety of cuisines, but our food trucks cater to all tastes and food styles. We also add a delicious twist to regular dishes to make your surprise birthday party truly full of surprises. And since we specialize in southwestern food, our menu will appeal to everyone. What’s more, we can customize our menu to suit your party theme and guests. Our food experts have a lot to offer and we guarantee that your guests will be happy and satisfied.

Great Service and Catering in Phoenix

Whether you go with a food truck or choose a popup taco stand, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best service in town. Apart from the novel concept of having a food truck at your yard serving fresh food out of the chef’s kitchen, you won’t have to worry about getting the menu wrong. Every guest will get the food they like, the way they like it. In addition, you can order full meals and we’ll drop them off at your party well in advance.

For the best food services for your surprise birthday party or Bar Mitzvah, call us today and get your party going without the headache and stress with the help of our catering in Phoenix.


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