Spice Up Valentine’s with a “Home-Cooked” Meal from Modern Tortilla

The break from the hustle and bustle of the end of year holidays is always nice, but as the weeks pass, another holiday looms ever-closer, and no, we aren’t discussing Civil Rights Day or Presidents Day! For 24 hours in the middle of February, men and women the world over shudder in fear as they find themselves searching for the “perfect” gift for their Valentine, only to give up in despair and go for the norm: flowers, chocolates, and maybe something glittery! This year, however, you have Modern Tortilla on your side, whispering in your ear that maybe he or she would prefer a homemade meal for Valentine’s Day—a meal that you can call your own, even if all you did was take off the lid and heat it up in the microwave!

Set the Romantic Mood

If there is something we have all learned over the years, it is that our sweethearts prefer the personal touch. As you light some candles, dim the overhead lights, and transfer the meal prep dishes from their plastic containers to the good china, we can tell you your Valentine is almost giddy with anticipation! Stop by one of the local wine stores and splurge on a bottle she adores, and if you want to be a little extra, something glittery from the jewelry store is a perfect addition to the night of love and romance. But never fear; nothing is going to interfere with the star of your show, the meal prep-dish created with local ingredients, and all the love we have to offer!

Take a Look at Our Menu!

Thinking and planning ahead is important in this scenario, though. For one, you must order your meals by the Thursday before, picking them up by 3:00 PM from Modern Tortilla’s sister company, Aioli Gourmet Burgers on 32nd and Shea. As a matter of fact, it may be helpful to order your meals two weeks before Valentine’s Day to be sure, but a place to store the prep containers will be necessary! And because we do offer delivery for an additional fee, you might want to have it delivered to your office to keep the secret safe! Even if you do decide to come clean and tell your Valentine that the Chicken Picatta (our menus change regularly, so this is just a suggestion based on past meals!) sitting so prettily on your best china comes from Modern Tortilla, you still will want to keep it a secret until the scene is set!

Start Planning Today

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