Start Your Spring with Fresh Tacos in Phoenix from Modern Tortilla

As we enter the last season before summer’s dreaded return, we try to stay outside as much as possible, enjoying the smells of freshly mowed grass, the sight of beautiful flowers, and the sounds and aromas of the Modern Tortilla food truck going about its rounds, creating that most wondrous meal of all—the taco! We can’t help it, in a world where most people begin to dream about love, we find ourselves dreaming about a love of a different sort—the love of tacos. Coming in all shapes and styles, this perfect food choice is even tastier when purchased from Modern Tortilla, and if you agree with us, we have a hunch you’ll be starting your spring fling with our fresh tacos in Phoenix!

Celebrate Taco Tuesday Every Day of the Season

Taco Tuesday is our favorite day of the week, but we’ve been thinking, why limit it to a day when you can enjoy Taco Tuesday every day of the season? We offer a variety of tacos, including the Flew the Coop, created with chicken tinga shredded chicken stewed with cinnamon, tomatillos, chipotle, roasted bell peppers and salsa verde all nestled inside a cilantro-lime corn tortilla. Many people are creatures of habit, insisting on trying the same taco every time, so if the El Ranchero—created with 24 hour marinated beef skirt steak and topped with white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, and fresh lime juice all tucked away in one of our homemade tortilla—is what you crave, the El Ranchero is what you should enjoy.

And then there are those who flirt with danger, for whom the status quo is boring, and only come to life when something is different. For those, we recommend trying a different taco every day, and when you run out of variations of tacos, there’s no law that states you can’t move on to burritos (our steak burritos are heavenly) and then on to quesadillas, and finally on to our delicious appetizers. The elote—roasted corn with cilantro-lime mayo, cotija cheese, and smoked paprika—may entice you to sample it more than once or twice throughout this season of promise!

Spring Showers, May Flowers, and Modern Tortilla Tacos

This time of year we are all happy to take time to stop and smell the roses, but if you want to be even happier, take some time to follow one of our Modern Tortilla food trucks and sample the tacos! Contact us now.


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