Summer Catering Options from Modern Tortilla

Life in the desert is different from any other place on earth. We cocoon during the summer, coming out to play when most of the world is doing their own cocooning, and we learn to never, under any circumstances, walk on the concrete in bare feet! And while Midwest children are raised on white bread and peanut butter jelly, here in the Southwest it’s the common taco that feeds our souls, even during the hottest days of summer! Of course, no one wants to be in the kitchen when new heat records are being set, even when we are celebrating a special event or just another Tuesday, so we at Modern Tortilla have the perfect solution for you: We suggest looking into our summer catering options and letting us do all the cooking while you eat, socialize, and try to keep from wilting under the summer sun!

Tacos Every Day of the Week

Taco Tuesdays are so last year. Everyone knows that the best way to celebrate the summer solstice is by enjoying the crunchy goodness of tacos every day of the week! Our taco carts allow for the perfect summer treat and include all the fixings that will make your soiree the talk of the neighborhood. Our catering service in the summer works the same way as it does the other three seasons of the year; clients can order drop off service, where we provide the fixings and you prep your tacos the way you like, or you can choose our full service catering where we do everything, including the clean up! With a build your own taco stand, you tell us what you want and we prep it for you; this last way is popular at weddings and other special events, but for a simple pool party, the drop off service is generally a more popular option. In any case, the most important part of your summer gala is that everyone invited gets to eat all the tacos they can handle!

Another popular item on our summer catering menu is the traditional elote, because summer is all about corn on the cob, and if it’s spiced up a bit, all the better! Wash it all down with horchata or soda (or you can provide your own adult beverages) and top the meal off with one of our crème-filled churros and watch your guests fall all over themselves to ensure they get their share!

Every Fiesta is Even Better Whit Our Summer Catering Options

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