Support Local Arizona Businesses Such As Modern Tortilla Over Big Chains

Doing your part to help the economy can be the most delicious decision you have ever made and can also be the simplest. Simply by supporting local Arizona businesses, especially Modern Tortilla, you are putting into motion a long-term plan that can help your city, town, even your neighborhood move forward happily and successfully while enjoying the taste of our delicious tacos, burritos, and quesadillas! Adding a little spice to the economy is never a bad thing, but because you know that your dollars are going back into the community, you can pat yourself on the back and enjoy another taco!

Simply the Smart Thing to do!

It is true. Simply by shopping, dining, and utilizing any business, you are doing your best to help the economy move forward, but when you buy from big chains, most of the money goes straight into their deep pockets, wherever they may be located. The money you spend at local businesses goes right back into the neighborhoods and communities that surround your home sweet home. Your neighbor’s teenage son can get his first job, and with the money he makes, he can take his sweetheart out on the town, buy mom her Mother’s Day present without the help of dad, even stock some away for his ASU tuition needs. And when he takes his hard-earned dollars and puts them towards a meal at Modern Tortilla, they go a lot further due to our reasonable prices, and the jumpstart for the local economy spreads even further! Shopping local is also what we do, purchasing sweet and fresh produce from area farms, buying the meal prep necessities at local stores, and of course, hiring locals to help prepare and serve your favorite Mexican foods! Devouring our chicken tinga tacos will bring a smile to your face and help the economy rebound. Who knew that eating tasty food could be such a good thing?

Follow Our Food Trucks Today!

It wasn’t that many months ago when the whole world was turned upside down, but by supporting local Arizona businesses, (including ours) we are all working together to set things upright again. Follow our food trucks today and do your part with a happy smile and a full stomach!


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