There’s a Mexican Dish For The Whole Family At Modern Tortilla!

There are 3 questions uttered by our children that result in that nails on a chalkboard feeling for their parents; Are we there yet, can I play just one more hour of video games, and what’s for dinner? These questions are repeated daily and although we at Modern Tortilla can’t resolve the first two we can promise that when you answer tacos to the third question, EVERYONE in your family will cheer! Take a night off from kitchen duty and find your way to our food trucks and enjoy a peaceful night of family harmony with the meal items listed below!

Steak Burritos for Mom

Even though Dad is often primarily thought of as the carnivore, it’s a well-known fact that Moms love to eat meat too! Our hearty steak burritos can be more than a mouthful, its layers of carne asada, white onion, shredded cheddar cilantro, lime crema, and pickled jalapeño wrapped in a chili flour tortilla is just so good it will make her forget all those meals she ate over the sink chowing down the discarded remnants of her toddler’s breakfast to avoid waste!

Tacos for Dad

Tacos are fast becoming America’s favorite handheld menu item and our menu offers a choice of three different versions, all guaranteed to be his favorite! The Modern Mayan is made with slow-braised pork in achiote, El Ranchero is created from skirt beef marinated for 24 hours, and our Flew the Coop, a spicy and flavorful chicken tinga taco that Dad will never be able to get enough of! Dad can mix and match or choose the one taco that makes his heart beat faster and live happily ever after!

Every Kid Loves a Quesadilla

It’s no secret that cheese is a child’s favorite snack food and even after eating all the string cheese in the fridge, they will still choose a quesadilla at their favorite restaurant! Our Modern Tortilla quesadillas come in two forms, one with fajita chicken breast and veggies and one with steak and veggies, but if your favorite pint-sized person hasn’t developed a mature palate that appreciates meat, go ahead and ask the cook to prepare a quesadilla with cheese only! And remember, this stage of picky eating will be over before you know it!

Family Food for your Night Out with the Family!

Just remember this. When the dreaded question of what’s for dinner arises again, the correct answer will always be Modern Tortilla! Follow our food trucks today!


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