Treat Dad to a Father’s Day Feast with Modern Tortilla

Our dads are the men we hope our children grow up to emulate, they are the first man we ever loved, and they are the reason our lives run so much smoother today. They kill the bugs that scare us, they take care of the little details we don’t want to bother with, and at the end of the day they are the best people we know. Father’s Day is just around the corner and we at Modern Tortilla think your gift to dad this year should be a Modern Tortilla feast filled with all the tacos he can eat, ensuring that he realizes you are the reigning gift giver extraordinaire, showing how much you love him and how much his happiness means to you. Enjoy time with your main man and let us handle the food for Father’s Day hassle-free.

The Spice He Craves

Arizona dads are a different breed. They mow grass in the rain, golf in 100+ degree temps, and if their food has no spice, they have no interest, which is why a meal with Modern Tortilla makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. Taco Tuesday is every day in dad’s world, and the tacos we offer, chicken tinga, carne asada, and surprisingly, the veggie tacos are guaranteed to meet his high spice standards. And if that were all we offered, we are sure your dad would be perfectly content, but we at Modern Tortilla are overachievers, and our menu is filled with more spicy offerings. Introduce him to our grown-up version of a child’s favorite, the quesadilla—but in our case, it’s a chicken fajita quesadilla, created with a spinach tortilla, and stuffed with chicken tinga, grilled peppers and onions, and creamy cheddar cheese. For the dad with the heartiest of appetites, however, our Southwest Steak Burrito is designed to conquer the largest hungers, made with a chili flour tortilla, and stuffed with carne asada, sweet corn, cilantro and a gooey Monterey and cheddar blend cheese.

Remember When?

Remember the days when dad would greet you with a glass of lemonade or a plate full of cookies, knowing that your school day had been harder than you deserve? On Father’s Day this year, you can return the favor, introducing him to the sweetly tart treat of our house made mason jar lemonade. Coming in a variety of flavors, all of which are guaranteed to transport him back to his own childhood days, his Father’s Day feast with Modern Tortilla is destined to make new memories he will never forget. Treat dad this Father’s Day with a visit to our Modern Tortilla food trucks and he will really know how much you care!


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