Visiting Phoenix? Make Sure You Make Time For A Meal At Modern Tortilla!

As winter draws to a close and spring begins to peek over the horizon, the Valley of the Sun enters its most popular phase! Travelers from cold and stormy states find their way to our doorstep, seeking sunny days, warmer weather, and an authentic taste of the Southwest, something Modern Tortilla will happily provide! Our menu is a fun one filled with the treats we were raised on, ensuring that Taco Tuesday can be every day, while burritos, quesadillas, and chips and salsa made from farm fresh ingredients will haunt our dreams until we follow the food truck that makes us happy!

All the Fun you Will Have

We have a fondness for our hometown and we can promise that there will be something to do every day of your stay, activities that will make memories you will cherish. But will you have “seen everything” if you don’t find your way to a Modern Tortilla food truck sure to be lingering somewhere near your home sweet vacation home? Well, maybe, but in between your visits to the Phoenix Zoo on a near-perfect winter day, your trips to the ballpark to witness the Cactus League in action during spring training, or your hikes up the steep and rocky slopes of Camelback Mountain, a Southwest Steak Burrito will surely help fuel your empty “tank” and give you the energy you need for your next Arizona adventures! Native Arizonans already know this, but if this is your first time visiting Phoenix, you may not realize that the perfect accompaniment to a day spent tubing on the Salt River (tubing season starts at the end of April!) is a spicy Chicken Tinga Taco, wrapped against the moisture of your cooler and devoured before it gets too cold, so if you are considering adding Salt River Tubing to your itinerary, be sure and stop at one of our food trucks before you hit the water!

Start Small

One thing visitors from other states and countries often feel is a fear of too much spice. Some may even feel that tomatoes can be too spicy although we do like to venture up the Scoville scale as often as WE can, we understand that you may need to start near the bottom, perhaps with our chicken fajita quesadilla! Filled with gooey cheese, fresh veggies, and chicken, this milder version of a Mexican favorite is the perfect starting dish for those venturing into the world of Mexican food!

Stop by Today!

Modern Tortilla offers an authentic taste of the Valley of the Sun, leading visitors toward their newest obsession, hidden behind the windows of our colorful food trucks!


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