We Made the Yelp List of the Best 10 Food Trucks in Phoenix!

As we sit here feeling giddy, we can’t help thinking about how much the world has changed in the last 20 years. In 1999, the internet was in its infancy, yelp was a noise a dog made when you stepped on its tail, and food trucks were at the bottom of the food chain! Today, the world can’t check the weather without the internet, everybody Yelps their reviews of businesses they visited, and food trucks have gone gourmet—oh, and in case you missed the big headline above, we made the Yelp list of the 10 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix!

Yes, We’re Bragging!

It’s truly an honor being on this list because it’s you that put us there: your reviews, your accolades, and of course, your visits made our food trucks the most popular ones in Phoenix, and as we brag about making that list, we thank you for putting us there! Now with that being said, you don’t have to worry about us resting on our laurels. This honor isn’t our peak, it’s just the beginning of our journey to the stars!

Now that we’ve experienced the thrill of success, we’re eager for more, and we know the only way to reach that goal is by continuing to provide you with quality tacos and burritos that are locally sourced, innovative, and delicious! And because we believe that if you don’t grow and adapt you fall behind and become stagnant, we will continue to add tasty new items to our menu! But don’t worry, your favorites will always be there for you: the elote, the Modern Mayan taco, and of course, our crème-filled churros, Modern Tortilla’s sweet way of signaling the meal has ended!

Whether you’re following our food trucks around the valley or choosing to have us cater your next big event, every meal may be different, but they will all share one common trait: each taco, every burrito, and any appetizer or dessert on our menu are made with care! Oh, and did we mention that we made Yelp’s Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix list? Yeah, we’re bragging again, but we can’t help it; this honor makes us so very excited!

Find Out Why We’re on Yelp’s Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix List

There’s no better time than right now! Our food trucks can be found in Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, and Scottsdale, giving you plenty of opportunities to check out our goods. Come on by—we can’t wait to feed you!


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