Wedding Season Is Here! Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Big Day!

Yesterday you may have been unable to keep the smile off your face as the person of your dreams knelt before you on bended knee and asked the question you have been waiting your entire life to hear. And although you can’t stop staring at the flash of the stone on your previously empty ring finger and the memory of those magic moments is replaying on a constant loop in the back of your brain, today reality is about to set in. Today is when you start the list filled with a million tiny details, all items that need to be crossed off your list before the big day! Stronger folk than you have lost many battles against anxiety, feeling overwhelmed at all that is involved with preparing for the perfect day, but you, dear guest, have an ace in the hole. You have already begun crossing items off that seemingly endless list, starting with choosing Modern Tortilla to cater your Arizona wedding feast!

The Taste You Love

A ceremony designed to celebrate never-ending love is also the perfect time to celebrate the foods you love and our Modern Tortilla catering menu is filled with flavors that you may also dream about long after the meal is done. Offering a variety of ways to serve your guests, it is easy to find the style that best suits the party you will spend many months planning. Tacos may not always be considered an elegant choice, but everyone loves tacos and when you pick our full catering service with chef-attended action stations, it will blend right in with your sophisticated day of love. Casual gatherings are popular ones today and if you have the space, our full-sized food trucks will make a major impression without taking away any of the attention you and your partner deserve! And when you want to keep it small and intimate, our drop-off catering provides your favorite handhelds (don’t worry, you can still hold hands with your new spouse; that’s why you were given two hands! One to eat tacos and the other can be used for canoodling!) without having relative strangers invade your private space!

Give us a Call Today!

We can’t take away all your stress, but on the day you say I Do, you can rest easy knowing that you have chosen a meal that everyone will love! Give us a call today at (602) 480-8823!


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