Weekly Meal Menu

The pandemic has brought a lot of change to our world as we shelter in place and practice social distancing, but we are slowly learning how to adapt to these temporary changes. We expand our horizons as the walls close in around us with virtual tours of the great museums in the world, we finally get to read all those books on our eReaders, and we gather our immediate family close, spending quality time in much higher quantities than ever before. And while we are grateful for that opportunity, the worst part of all this family togetherness is often as simple as trying to come up with a meal plan that appeals to those you love most. But as we have been a million times before and will be a million more times again, we at Modern Tortilla have you covered with our Weekly Meal Menu!

Not Just Tacos and Burritos

This weekly meal menu offers more than just tacos and burritos—not that there’s anything wrong with those items! It features a well thought out healthy and delicious epicurean taste of international delights, including gyros, BBQ pork bowls, and Thai shrimp skewers, and in case you were worried, pork pastor tacos (braised achiote pork, grilled pineapple, avocado crema, pickled red onions and served with Mexican rice) as well as a tasty children’s menu designed to stimulate picky appetites! Each meal listed comes with a variety of accompaniments, each designed to be healthy, delicious, and to complement the main dish. For example, the Sage Pork Loin comes with garlic broccoli and roasted sweet potatoes.

The pricing range is simple. For the 5-meal minimum order (up to 9 meals total) it will cost only $9 per meal plus tax and delivery fee. For 10 to 13 meal orders, we bring the price down to $8.50 per meal (plus tax and delivery). Kids’ meals are a separate cost, coming in at $6 per meal and including chicken tenders with whole fruit, kids’ mac & cheese with broccoli and chicken, and a kids’ cheeseburger, also with whole fruit! Desserts are also offered, with options such as chocolate chip and sugar cookies, both freshly baked, and our personal favorite, our classic mini cannoli, all costing $3 each. All meals can be picked up on Sunday or Monday and must be ordered by 3PM the Thursday before. Simply fill out the order form on our website and be sure to let us know if you want to pick up the meals or let us deliver them to you!

Here’s the Best Part of Our Weekly Meal Menu

During these troubled times there are heroes that not only aren’t staying home safe and sound, they are going out and potentially putting themselves in harms way. These brave heroes are our first responders, and we are offering the opportunity for our guests to thank them with the purchase of meals! Offering 5 meals for $40, 10 meals for $75, and 20 meals for $140, you indicate on the form which amount you would like to donate and we’ll deliver them to police stations, fire departments, and hospitals around the valley; no tax or delivery fee will be charged, offering our heroes delicious and cheap catering in Phoenix AZ!

Supporting Each Other

Helping each other out in times of trouble or distress is what good neighbors do, and we are just happy we can do our part! Give us a call today and let’s start working together on a food plan that will please all the members of your family!


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