What Sets Modern Tortilla Apart from Other Tacos in Phoenix

The world has finally begun to realize the pure beauty a taco can bring to it, and although like pizza, there is no such thing as a bad taco, there are varying levels of wonderful involved with this spicy handheld, and we at Modern Tortilla like to think we have brought the delightful taco to the next level of excellence. Caring about the ingredients you put into your “masterpieces” is the first way we are different, and always looking for ways to improve perfection comes in a close second, but there are many more ways we differ. This guide to what sets Modern Tortilla apart from the other tacos in Phoenix will lead you to the tastiest trucks in town!

We Believe Good Taste Takes Time

We could just sauté some meat and throw it in a shell, but what’s the fun in that? The best cooks know that the longer ingredients marinate, the more intense the flavors will be, and our chicken tinga tacos and carne asada tacos prove why marination is the key! In addition to making the flavors stand out, the meat becomes more tender, and honestly, if you have ever tasted a chewy taco with meat that is tough and gristly, we think you will never want to go anywhere else to get your tacos!

We Believe Tacos Should Be for Everyone

Here’s the thing: Not everyone can stomach the idea of eating something that once had a mother, but does that mean they should be punished and have to live a lifetime of not eating tacos? Modern Tortilla believes that tacos should be for everyone, and as such, we have created a veggie taco that is hearty, spicy, and as delicious as our meat filled ones! Crammed full of sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, roasted corn, and roasted red peppers, this delightful dish is so tasty that even the diehard carnivores in our midst won’t miss the meat!

We Believe Tacos Should Be Made to Order

And finally, for anyone who has ever tasted a cold and greasy taco that has been setting under a warming light for too long, a visit to one of our food trucks will tastefully show you why made to order tacos in Phoenix will rock your world! Follow our food trucks today and taste the difference!


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