What To Get At Modern Tortilla This Arizona Valentine’s Day

On the spiciest holiday of the year, you know the one that is about love and the heat you generate with your favorite Valentine, you could enjoy a stuffy meal of small proportions at the way overpriced restaurant everyone raves about. Or you could match the heat of the holiday with a taste of the spicy food, that like your love, reminds you of love, spice, and the hot Arizona sun shining out her eyes. This guide to what to get at Modern Tortilla this Arizona Valentine’s Day will prove once again that yes, you really like her and know what she loves best as well!

It’s Not Rocket Science

We are honored that you are considering a visit to Modern Tortilla on Valentine’s Day and we first want to wish you the happiest of holidays. And then we want to tell you that when it comes to ordering off our menu on this day filled with love and excitement, this decision will be the easiest one you make all year. EVERY item on our menu is destined to bring a smile to your love’s face, as well as earn you the title of Best Valentine’s Gifter, even if you buy nothing else.

Ok, we recommend a stop at a local jewelry and/or chocolate store as well, but the quickest way to anyone’s heart, male or female, is with delicious tacos from Modern Tortilla. (That’s how that old saying goes, right?) Offering 3 spicy choices, Chicken Tinga, Carne Asada, and Veggie Tacos, every taco plate comes with 2 tacos and chips and salsa, amping up the degrees on this day designed for heat and passion.

And while not everyone is as passionate about tacos as we are, there are other options on our menu, including a thick and spicy Southwest Burrito made with our carne asada, sweet corn, cilantro, a Monterey and cheddar blend cheese, all wrapped up in a handmade chili flour tortilla. For a wholesome treat, order our house made mason jar lemonade and if you take the meal home to enjoy, we have heard that adding a shot of vodka to the lemonade is a very good idea!

Love Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

The most thoughtful gifts don’t have to be the most expensive ones. Most Valentine’s just want to be heard, respected, and served tacos on a chilly day in February. Bring your sweetest by Modern Tortilla for a holiday meal she will love you forever for.


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