What Would You Include in Your Perfect Taco Stand?

We all have dreams. Some of us imagine we are superstars, standing in front of a crowd of adoring fans, while others have dreams that are simpler. They dream of a having the perfect family—a few kids and a dog. They dream of traveling to Italy and enjoying a tasty lasagna in the shadow of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And still others dream of having unlimited access to the perfect taco stand! And although we can’t help with the grander dreams, we at Modern Tortilla are dedicated to giving our customers the taco stand of their dreams; all you need is to take advantage of our catering services!

So Many Options

It is the differences between people, not their sameness, that makes this state the special place it is, and while your idea of a perfect taco stand may include cheeses of all types, your neighbor may feel that cheese is overrated and unlimited jalapeños are what it takes to make their taste buds sing! For many of us, it is all about choices. A build your own taco stand with only one type of meat, tortilla, salsa, and cheese leaves us cold. Our dream taco stand would contain at least three types of meat—perhaps chicken, pork, and beef. We would be able to choose not just between flour and corn tortillas but add in a cilantro lime corn tortilla for a flavor overload. And the toppings would consist of cheeses of varying types, fresh veggies that were locally sourced, and salsas that range in degrees of heat. Comparing the mild to a plastic kiddy pool on your back porch and the hottest to an Olympic Stadium pool is pretty much what we would love to find on our dream taco stand!

Of course, the taco stand is ours, so our dreams are obviously your reality, and when you need a caterer for your spooktackular Halloween celebration or your grandmother’s 90th birthday, or even a Southwest style Thanksgiving feast, we hope to make you taco stand dreams come true as well! And because we understand that your dreams could be different than ours, our first question will always be, “What would YOU include in your perfect taco stand?”

If Only Everything in Life Could Be This Easy!

Give us a call or fill out the form on the Modern Tortilla website and your catering needs will be soon become fulfilled! Don’t you wish everything in life could be this easy?


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