Your Mom Will Love Modern Tortilla This Mother’s Day in Arizona

The desert raises people of a different breed and yes, that includes the moms, mothers, and Madres in our lives! We were raised on quesadillas instead of grilled cheese sandwiches and we love to celebrate Taco Tuesday every day of the week, making Mother’s Day the perfect day to enjoy all the spiciness you can handle with our Modern Tortilla South of the Border meals! We like to think we have been training for Mother’s Day in Arizona all the 364 other days of the year and now we get to prove to the most special person in your life that we have learned our lessons well!

Mom is No Shrinking Violet

Your mom is a spicy bird of paradise, reveling in the summer heat, scaring off the scorpions who dare invade her personal space with a mom look (You know the one! It still makes you quiver in fear, no matter how old you are!) and if she looks at the tacos sold by a local fast food space with disdain, we know she is definitely going to want Modern Tortilla to provide the food that fills her plate this year! Go ahead and buy her the flowers in her favorite color (could it be red?) and get her a Mother’s ring with stones that represent all her children and grandchildren, but if you don’t take her for a lunch at one of our food trucks, we can assure you, she will be disappointed and may turn that look in your direction once again! Carne Asada taco plates should fill her empty stomach, but if her appetite is a large one, our Southwest Steak Burrito is definitely more than a mouthful! Offering carne asada, sweet corn, cilantro, and a two-cheddar blend that proves once again there can never be too much cheese in our lives, the chili flour tortilla it is wrapped in will add a burst of flavor that you never knew was missing! No matter which of our menu items she prefers, however, knowing that chips and spicy salsa come with every plate will serve as the exclamation point on a very delicious and fulfilling meal!

The Favored Child

And because you know that Mom loves Mexican food best, she will also move you up in the ranks of the favored child, saving those looks of disappointment for your sisters who just don’t know her as well! Give mom the gift of Modern Tortilla this Mother’s Day in Arizona and make every other gift pale in comparison!


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