Your Taste of America 2019 Arizona Champion

We’re always happy when something good happens to people in our home state, but when it’s one of our own? Well, we like to shout it from the rooftops, and that is just what we are going to do about Vivianna D’Ambrosio, the taste of America 2019 Arizona Champion! Vivianna’s creativity and work ethic are admired by all, and we expect that things are just going to keep getting better. We are so lucky to have her on board!

What is the Taste of America Competition?

Well, it is exactly what it sounds like it should be, a competition that pits America’s home cooks and restaurant chefs against each other in an online contest that uses specific American-branded foods in their recipes, garnering the winner accolades and a magical golden ticket. This year’s brands included these three brands that Vivianna specifically used in her recipe: Red Gold tomatoes, Springer Mountain Farms chicken, and Challenge butter. Other ingredients featured in the competition included Wampler’s Farm sausage, Fiesta brand peppers, Celebrity Wine & Spirits, and a selection of Great Value and Marketside products, allowing for an imaginative and innovative entries from all over the United States.

Each state has their own winner, but of course, Arizona and our own Vivianna D’Ambrosio are our chief concerns! Her winning entry was a simple but tasty chicken sandwich she calls the Rolling Italian, featuring the products listed above intermingled with fresh spices and crisp greens placed atop a golden grilled roll. Obviously, there’s more to this gourmet masterpiece, but if we gave out the recipe, well, it just wouldn’t be special anymore now would it? In any case, this contest is an important step towards another goal we have in mind: winning the World Food Championship held in October in Dallas, Texas! The gold ticket we talked about earlier grants access to this prestigious culinary competition and we can’t be more excited!

Modern Tortilla is a Family

When you work closely with the same people over an extended period of time, if you’re lucky, you begin to think of your co-workers as family, and that’s what we have here at Modern Tortilla. Today we are crowing about the accomplishments of Vivianna, but every member of our team is an important link towards the great and tasty food you’ve come to expect from our food trucks. Stop by today and see how good teamwork tastes!


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