Add Modern Tortilla To Your AZ Christmas Celebrations

In the blink of an eye the pages of the calendar have turned to the last month of the year and with the cooler weather and shorter days, also comes the craziness of Christmas. It’s time to start shopping, baking, cleaning, and cooking and just when you think you can take another minute of the chaos, Modern Tortilla steps up to the plate (so to speak!) with an offer to help take at least one burden from your shoulders, that of cooking the holiday feast! 2023 has been an interesting year to say the least, but whether it has been a good year or a bad year, for you and your family adding our catering services to your AZ Christmas celebrations will help ensure that its end will be a delicious one!

Bringing Flavor to the Table

Your traditional Christmas meal may include a generously sized turkey, a big pan of homemade lasagna, or even a juicy Christmas ham, but traditions are different all over the world and who says that spicy tacos, burritos, or quesadillas won’t go over equally well? Whether you are a recent transplant to the Southwest or you, and your children, and your children’s children have made the Valley of the Sun your home for generations, chances are you have already assimilated to the food culture. Taco Tuesday is every day of the week in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and your cravings for the authentic stuff have changed the way you look at the family meal anyway. Grilled cheese sandwiches have been pushed aside for crispy quesadillas, nachos are a regular addition to your dining menu, and Modern Tortilla has become the habit you don’t want to kick and we can say that we don’t blame you one bit!

So Give your Family What They Really Want for Christmas!

All you may want for Christmas is for your family to be happy and their happiness could depend on a new PlayStation 5 under the tree and delicious Chicken Tinga Tacos on the table, so why not give them what they really want? Our catering services can help ease your holiday burdens, giving you more time to find the best deals on the games your kids have been begging for and maybe even leaving you time for a nap before the big meal! Give us a call today at (602) 848-8823 and let this AZ Christmas be the one where Mom got the break she so richly deserved!


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