Cater a Summer Pool Party with Modern Tortilla

The summer barbecue is a simple pleasure enjoyed by families all over the world, and when a pool is added to the equation, it levels up the fun and wonder, but in the desert, we take the fun to a whole other dimension. We live in the sunshine and we crave the heat, and even as we hang out in triple-digit temperatures, cooling ourselves in the fresh clear waters of our swimming pools, we keep the heat close to our hearts with the foods we serve at our summer pool parties. It’s the spicy flavor of tacos that makes our hearts sing, and choosing Modern Tortilla to cater your summer pool party will help you fall under the spell of summer even more.

The Flavor of the Sun

Obviously, we can’t taste the sun—we can’t even look at it without risking permanent damage to our eyes—but we like to think if we could taste the sun, it would taste like tacos. Complex and spicy, the different salsas or hot sauces actually work to both cool down the taste as they build up the heat, adding a dichotomy to your dining adventures. It’s impossible to have a bad time at a summer pool party, especially when surrounded by friends, family, and your fur baby, and if you have a Modern Tortilla taco in hand, ecstasy is sure to follow.

Do You Have the Room?

Yards in the Phoenix area seem to get smaller every year, and having a pool as its focal point shrinks the available “space to do activities in” even further, but that’s ok. Our Modern Tortilla taco carts are designed to fit into smaller spaces, ensuring that even a tiny yard has room for tons of flavor. Our taco carts are built to keep hot ingredients hot, cold ingredients cold, and make it incredibly easy to blend them both together to create the world’s most perfect handheld.

Your Summer Pool Party Deserves to Be Catered by Modern Tortilla

We aren’t saying that your reputation as the hostess with the mostest is at stake if you don’t add Modern Tortilla tacos to your party, but we will say that you and your guests deserve the explosion of taste that each taco you bite into will bring. Give us a call today at (602) 848-8823 and let our tacos take the starring role in your summer pool party!



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