Cool Off with Refreshing Drinks from Modern Tortilla

Normally, we take this page to extoll the virtues of the best tacos, burritos, and quesadillas in the state—you know, the ones that grace the menu of our Modern Tortilla food trucks? Today, however, with summer beginning to tiptoe into our state once more, we thought we would talk about cooling off with the refreshing drinks we serve as well. You already know which taco you love best, and now it is time to explore which beverage pairs best with your favorite Mexican food!

Hydration Is Important

Although the temperatures haven’t soared into the triple digits as of yet, we know it is coming, and we also know the importance of keeping hydrated, which is why the icy cold bottles of water we sell often tend to be our biggest sellers. And because this refreshing drink is the most versatile of all our beverages, there doesn’t have to be any deliberation as to which taco will pair best with it.

A Cold Soda and a Spicy Taco

Although a fountain drink can be a good thing, there is just something special about an ice cold can of soda, especially when paired with a carne asada taco or even our Southwest Steak Burrito. And whether you enjoy your taco and soda at a bench not far from where our food truck is parked or you take it back to the air conditioned coolness of your office space, for a brief moment, this midday break will take you out of the real world and into a summery daydream where responsibilities are unimportant and your relaxation is all that matters.

A Taste of Summer

There is one beverage above all others that represents the carefree vibe of summer. One that brings back memories of chasing fireflies, playing tag with the cousins who always seemed to live nearby, and the feel of sunburned noses and blonde hair that may have turned a bit green from all the time we spent swimming in the pool, and late nights and even later starts in the mornings. It’s all represented by a single sip of tart and sweet house made mason jar lemonade. Those days of your own youth may have taken place long ago, but our lemonade can make it seem as if it were just last week that you were that carefree child of summer. Stop by today and lose yourself in the delicious taste of all the beverages we have listed here, and of course, the spicy heat of our traditional Mexican favorites!


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