The Modern Tortilla Difference: What Makes Our Food Special

When you live in the Southwest, it becomes relatively easy to differentiate between good Mexican food and the wannabes that are really just out there to take your money. And if you live here long enough, you also learn that the most authentic meals may not be found at restaurants with white tablecloths and high prices; they may just be found in the food trucks that run the streets of the Valley of the Sun. Modern Tortilla is one such food truck, serving authentic Mexican meals since 2016, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to sample our fare, perhaps this guide to the Modern Tortilla difference will entice you to hit the streets and follow our food trucks.

The Belief That Good Food Comes from Nature

In a world where genetically modified foods are becoming the norm, Modern Tortilla takes the extra steps to ensure that our meals come straight from nature. We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, including farm to table produce, ensuring a taste that is fresh, healthy, and oh so delicious. Our tortillas are made from scratch, our salsa does not come from a jar, and even though it may be cheaper to use meats that have been pre-frozen, every meat we use is fresh and locally sourced, never frozen or transported from towns far away. Mexican food is not considered health food—there’s too much cheese for it to be considered that—but when served from the window of our Modern Tortilla food trucks, it will be healthier than many other Mexican restaurants.

The Passion We Share

Chef Tommy is known for his passion for feeding hungry people, and that passion shows in the care he takes with all his recipes. Every chile tortilla, chicken tinga taco, even the crème filled churros found on his menu will make you fall in love at first bite, tasting his passion for good food in every forkful you take. And that passion is contagious, infecting the staff of his food trucks, something that will be apparent at every visit you make. Smiling, happy, and always willing to suggest a favorite taco or burrito, our staff finds coming to work every day an adventure that doesn’t feel like work; rather, it feels like they are hanging out with friends just met. Our good cheer is also contagious, infusing our foods with love, and when you choose our tacos, burritos, or quesadillas as your midday meal or sunset supper, you too will share in the joy we embed in every meal we make.

Our Story

Our story is probably not that much different than many other restaurant stories out there, especially with the renaissance of food trucks making starting a new business that much easier than it has ever been before. Two friends, one of which happens to be Chef Tommy, winner of the 2018 episode of Chopped, an episode named Tacos and Tequila, sharing a lifelong obsession with food and feeding hungry people came together, creating Modern Tortilla to accompany their first venture, Aioli Gourmet Burger. The success of our food trucks brings us joy, just as we hope that the food we serve brings you joy, and as you take a mental health day from work, bring the kids’ baseball team to our trucks after the big game, and stop by before heading home on a hectic Wednesday afternoon, we hope that you continue to enjoy every bite you take.

All the Ways You Can Taste the Difference

Although we love that you follow our food trucks, considering that the greatest of honors, there are still other ways you can enjoy the flavors of the southwest. Hire us to cater your special events—and yes, a gathering with friends and family can be considered a special event. Our food trucks can come to your home, hanging out in the cul de sac, impressing all the neighbors, or keep it simple and let us drop off our life-changing tacos and leave you to enjoy an evening of friends, food, and family. For every employer that is seeking a unique way to show their appreciation of their employees, we offer corporate lunch delivery, bringing the taste of Mexico to your front door.

The Proof Is in the Taste

There are hundreds of ways we can say it, thousands of words we can use to describe it, but the best way to discover the Modern Tortilla difference is to get in your car and turn it in the direction of our food trucks. Covering the streets of Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale, our trucks are never far from your home, school, or office, and when you choose Modern Tortilla to fill your stomachs, you will soon discover we feed your souls as well. Stop by today and taste the difference!


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