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Recognizable from Aioli Burger truck, Chef Tom D’Ambrosio is striving hard for success by opening a new mobile eater with his partner Kyle Hollenbeck. In January 2016, the two decided to open Modern Tortilla. Wanting to provide something new and different, they place emphasis on making as much as they can by hand or from scratch. Even their masa and corn tortillas are made from scratch. Not only do they offer the standard corn tortilla, but they also offer a variety of others, to include a chipotle and lime scented tortilla, a cilantro infused tortilla, and others. All of which complement the taco fillings quite well.

There are a multitude of taco selections to be had from Modern Tortilla. For a mere $8, customers can get two tacos with three toppings per taco, as well as a side. Each taco offers a choice of three tortilla types, four meats (pork pastor, chicken cochinita pibil, beef skirt steak, or lime scented cod), and any selection of three out the 21 toppings selection. You can choose from chicharons to pickled mustard seeds, and so much more! If it’s something sweet you’re looking for, they offer home-made churros with dulce de leche as well as home-made flan. What you can expect from Modern Tortilla is delicious street food that is a little different, but doesn’t detract from the original Mexican flare.


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