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Visit Our Taco Cart

Visit Our Taco Cart

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There is plenty of amazing southwestern food in Phoenix, Arizona. People will debate on where to find the best of this food, but there is little debate between anyone who has ever tried Modern Tortilla. Our awesome food trucks are changing the way people think about delicious cuisine, as we provide an interesting take on southwest classics with only the freshest ingredients and a blend of old and new cooking techniques. Many people know us as one of the best food trucks in the city, but we also serve our wide variety of award-winning foods via a taco cart.

The Same Delicious Food

Here you will find all the same amazing ingredients and cooking techniques we use for our food truck catering services, just without the truck! Just as in all of our culinary endeavors, the food at the taco cart starts with the best ingredients and made from scratch tortillas every day. With this wonderful starting point, we move on to thoughtfully prepared meats. You will find a beef skirt steak that is always marinated for 24 hours, slow-braised pork, and a tinga shredded chicken. Each of these meats provides bold and delicious flavors that pair wonderfully with the subtle undertones of a fresh tortilla. Everything is then brought together with 21 of the freshest toppings you will find anywhere. Go with classics like cotija cheese or avocado or branch out with flavors from pickled red onions and pineapple.

Awesome Food Trucks & Taco Cart Fare

At the heart of everything we do is the desire to provide amazing food in a casual setting. The stainless steel taco cart is the embodiment of this. Here, you get to completely customize your taco or burrito and watch it be assembled right in front of you. This great food and friendly service are sure to provide one of the most pleasant lunches or dinner experiences you have had all week. The taco cart is inherently mobile, so you can catch it in different places throughout the city at events, festivals, or on any city street. Check our calendar to find out when the taco cart will be near you so you can try this one-of-a-kind cuisine.

There are plenty of great places to get a good meal when you are in the mood for some southwest cuisine, but none of them can quite match what Modern Tortilla and our awesome food trucks and taco cart offer. It represents an expert tweak on the most authentic southwestern dishes that we all love, all within an environment that you will come to love. To enjoy this incredible food, contact Modern Tortilla today! If you have been wondering where to find a taco food truck near me, we can give you all the info on our food truck locations, catering, and more!

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