Customer Favorite: The Elote

Although our primary focus has always been and will always be on the tacos and burritos that are the mainstay of our menu, EVERY item has something that attracts our guests, and that includes our customer favorite, the elote. Relatively simple in appearance, the blend of flavors used to create this special appetizer are also surprisingly sophisticated and extremely addictive. Once you taste some from our Arizona food trucks, it’s all you will dream about!

A Rich History

Corn has been a staple dish in people’s lives for centuries. From its domestication in 6600 BC through its uses as an all-American side dish served at barbecues and 4thof July events, this versatile vegetable is healthy, hearty, and oh-so-delicious. But it’s the use as a Mexican street dish that is the most satisfying, and we at Modern Tortilla have made the most of its popularity as we put our own classic spin on this age-old favorite! The recipe is simple: Traditionally, the corn on the cob is seasoned with butter or mayonnaise, cheese, chili powder, lime, and salt, popped onto a stick and served to masses of people whose mouths are already watering in anticipation! Better than a popsicle and capable of being eaten no matter what the season, the classic elote is one dish we are sure will be around for millenniums to come!

The Secret Ingredient?

Our version loosely follows the classic recipe, but it’s our differences that make our guests drool. We start with the use of sweet corn, and then season it with a cilantro lime mayo, cotija cheese, and smoked paprika, roasting the cob until the corn is hot, spicy, and pops in your mouth with each bite. The main difference between our version and the traditional street one, however, is the care we put into every ear; our customers matter, and it shows in the food we serve them. Designed to be eaten alone as an appetizer, or for those with heartier appetites, as a side to the any of the tacos or burritos found on our menu, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the elote, just many delicious options that will delight and impress.

What Are You Waiting For? Try One at One of Our Arizona Food Trucks!

If you have never tasted an elote before, now is the time, and Modern Tortilla is the only place to try one! Stop by our Chandler location or chase the Arizona food trucks in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe. Our customer-favorite elote is about to become your new obsession!


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