3 Unbeatable Arizona Tacos at Modern Tortilla

Where culinary stylings that combine the best of comfort food and southwestern flavors collide, Modern Tortilla food trucks shine. When you find yourself in Phoenix with a craving that needs attention, there’s nothing better than a taco stop at Modern Tortilla. While our fare is served up from a food truck, the mouthwatering Arizona tacos are anything but simple. Guests to Modern Tortilla rave about the many customized options available when it comes to creating the perfect taco to top off your day. Expect a combination of flavors that highlights the spices that define the region with options to mix and match everything from tortillas to meat on the spot. Guests to Modern Tortilla can choose from four types of meat, three tortillas, and over 21 toppings to personalize your street food. While guests are encouraged to try them all, here are three that shouldn’t be missed when you’re ready for a palate-pleasing experience.

The Modern Mayan

When you’re in the mood for robust flavor that can easily be combined with something fresh, The Modern Mayan is served up on the section of the menu that highlights a 2-taco and 1-side special making it a budget-friendly and delicious choice! The Modern Mayan is a delightful combination of ingredients that includes roasted tomato, garlic, and pineapple as well as fresh avocado, cotija cheese and red onion mixed with mouthwatering slow-braised pork. The entire concoction is then wrapped in a warm corn tortilla for guests to savor. The Modern Mayan is an innovative taco combination that is sure to make you smile.

El Ranchero

For those guests with a hunger for the bold flavors of the southwest, El Ranchero is the taco of choice. Perfectly suited to be enjoyed alongside The Modern Mayan or devoured exclusively, this taco adds a flavorful punch to a traditional favorite. Guests who order up El Ranchero will bite into a savory combination of white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, and fresh-squeezed lime juice. This mix tops 24-hour marinated beef skirt steak that’s then wrapped in a corn tortilla.

Southwest Steak Quesadilla

When cheese is the one thing you just can’t live without, you’ll be thrilled when you order up a Southwest Steak Quesadilla at Modern Tortilla. Take time to enjoy this flavorful combination that features a chili flour tortilla filled with cilantro, sweet corn, and carne asada. The highlight of this dish is by far the cheddar and Monterey blend that melts the entire mix together in perfect palate-pleasing harmony.

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