A Stop at Modern Tortilla Will Make Even the Worst of Days Better!

We’ve all had them. Those days start out with a stubbed toe and a missed alarm and only go downhill from there. Crashes on the I10 adding minutes to your commute on days when you really needed to be there early, phone calls from the school informing you your child is about to get an F in PE, or rolling brownouts when the temperatures reach stratospheric ranges, and the electric companies simply can’t keep up with the electrical overload. But before you head to the bathroom at work to cry in silent misery or before you lose your grip on your temper, take a few minutes to breathe in, breathe out, and order a taco from Modern Tortilla!

Delicious and Therapeutic!

It is impossible to be sad when you have your hands filled with Chicken Tinga Tacos and an ice-cold house-made lemonade, and if you don’t believe us, drop what you are doing right now and head out on the streets of Phoenix to find one of our Modern Tortilla food trucks! Offering tacos, quesadillas, and deliciously robust burritos, every bite is designed to soothe your anger, stop your tears, and turn around a day that has been going downhill since you first rolled out of bed! Made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, the goodness of a taco, burrito, or quesadilla will make it all right in the world! And because we listen to what our guests want most, we have even added a veggie taco to the menu! Made with sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, roasted corn, and roasted red peppers, this colorful treat is destined to bring a smile back to your face, even before you take your first bite!

Find Your Joy

Every soul yearns for something different and if your soul is a hungry sort, our Modern Tortilla menu will help you find your joy. We get it, not every day can be a good one, but our helpful, friendly, and personable staff will always have a cheerful word to say, a kind thought to offer, and a smile that will brighten your very bad day that is quickly turning the other way around! We can’t promise that your boss will give you a raise, that the phone call from the school will be for someone else’s kid, or that the rewind button on your remote control will work to help you “unstub” your toe, but we can tell you it will certainly feel like it has when you stop into Modern Tortilla on your very bad day! See you soon!


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