Add One of Our Delicious Appetizers to Your Pickup Order

In a world of complications, it’s always nice to look forward to the simple pleasures: taking off your shoes after a long day at work, an Arizona sunset that sets the sky on fire, and the delicious appetizer you’ve ordered to go along with your Modern Tortilla pickup order! Our meals are designed to do more than just fill your stomach, they feed your soul, and if you find yourself worrying that you may not be able to handle all the food you just picked up from our food truck, we have only one thing to say. Leftovers are even more delicious the next day!

You Work Hard and Now is the Time to Treat Yourselves!

Whether you work a full-time job, go to school, or work even harder as a stay at home parent, you’ve learned that there is one question that never goes away: What’s for dinner? And in the summer, when the desert sun scorches and burns, no one wants to be chained to a stove, sweating and silently cursing their need to eat. Modern Tortilla recognizes your plight, preparing meals that are flavorful, spicy, and full of healthy ingredients, alleviating the need to preheat your kitchen—um, we mean your oven! Stop by on your way home from the office or slip on your flip flops and seek us out in the middle of the day; there’s always something good cooking in our kitchen on wheels!

Everyone Loves a Good Appetizer

We can’t help it, even knowing that the taco plate we ordered for the main attraction is large and filling, we still find ourselves checking out the appetizer menu whenever we go out. When you order from Modern Tortilla, you’ll find yourself regretting it if you pass up an order of our elote! And whether you find yourself dreaming about the crispy goodness that is our chicken flautas, or you can’t help but wonder how big that serving of Spanish rice really is, you know you won’t be able to practice the moderation all those doctors who have never tasted a Modern Tortilla Modern Mayan taco tell us we should maintain!

Where’s the Truck?

The good news is that our fantastic food trucks are every where you need them to be! Operating out of Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler, and Scottsdale, your taco cravings are easily fulfilled and your taste for elote will be sated when you take a moment to follow our yummy vehicles. See you soon!


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