Drop Off Food Truck Catering

Drop Off Food Truck Catering

The food is always a focal point of any gathering regardless of what type of event it is. And it should be, as food brings people as nothing else can. This is especially true when the food is delicious like the cuisine that we are dishing out at Modern Tortilla. We provide the best food truck experience in Arizona through imaginative preparation of classic southwestern dishes. But you do not have find the taco truck in order to enjoy this incredible food, as we provide drop-off food truck catering services.

Wonderful Street Food in Phoenix

Throughout our catering menus, you will find many delicious takes on the southwestern cuisine that we all love made into some of the best street food in Phoenix. Here it all comes down to the very best ingredients, from the slow braised pork to fresh avocado. And it is all ready for you to assemble your own tacos, burritos, or what have you. You can create dishes according your imagination or follow some classic Modern Tortilla recipes like the El Ranchero Taco complete with 24 hour marinated beef skirt steak, white onions, cilantro, chipotle salsa, fresh lime juice, and our fresh corn tortilla. Enjoy this concoction or something else entirely with slow braised pork, shredded chicken, pickled red onions, garlic, pineapple, and countless other delicious ingredients.

The Best Services

The best part of the food truck catering that we provide is they can be completely catered to your tastes and preferences. Firstly, we can drop off this wonderful food to virtually any location throughout the Valley, so it does not matter where your event is happening. Secondly, you can decide on the menu for your event. We provide three different types of tortillas, four varieties of delicious meats, and 21 toppings. You can have every single one of these options catered to you or pick your favorites for a simpler menu at your event. Once the food arrives at your event, each guest is able to create their own tacos and burritos with the amazing ingredients that we provide. This adds a whole new dimension of variety in everybody’s options.

Birthday parties, family reunions, rehearsal dinners, and everything in between are always made better by the right food. And the right food for virtually any type of event can be found in our drop off catering options. Let us help take your event to the next level with some of the best street food in Phoenix!


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  • Did you know that we cater wedding rehearsals? Our food truck is an unforgettable addition to any event, bridal shower, bachelor or bachelorette party, and of course weddings! We recommend booking a year in advance as we book fast! Contact us today for more info! Call or email Vivianna at (602) 526 -5493/ ViviannaD@moderntortilla.com