Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Arizona Summer Event

Do you hear that tapping at your window, that knocking at your door? It’s not a neighbor, friend, or family member dropping by to see you, it is the sound of summer warning you that these unseasonably cool days we have been experiencing this year are destined to end soon! It has been nice, hasn’t it? Being able to open the front and back doors to let the cool air freshen and revive our homes. Hanging out in the kitchen baking cookies, preparing lasagnas, and creating feasts for our winter events that never fail to delight. Even grilling after the sun has fallen behind the mountains, letting the heat of the flames keep us warm as we char our favorite meats. These cool weather activities are a treat that are about to end, but unfortunately, the events during which we gather with the people we love most continue on into the scorching days of Arizona summer. (Which begins long before the calendar tells us it has arrived!)

Tasty Solutions

As you start planning your summer events, however, there is no need to fear the heat of the kitchen or the flames of your grill because you have the tastiest of solutions located just a phone call away! Modern Tortilla has been the one you turn to on Taco Tuesdays, Freaky Fridays, and every other day of the week. Our catering services have helped you throw parties that are the talk of the town in the very best of ways during every other season, so why not during the summer months as well? Smaller events can benefit from our fully loaded taco carts and private parties will enjoy our drop off catering without having to worry about strangers (although we like to consider ourselves friends!) making it awkward! Some newcomers to the desert may wonder how we can even consider something spicy and hot for a meal when the sun is beating down on our bodies and the mercury is so high in the red zone it is turning crimson, but those who know, know. Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas are the perfect dish no matter what the temperature is outside! We have other ways of staying cool and we will never give up our right to spice!

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