Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your Upcoming Fall Event in Arizona

Although summer still rears it’s fiery head late into October in the desert, there are signs that relief is in sight. The last of the monsoon mugginess dissipates, the sun rises later, giving many of us the most gorgeous drives into work, (How many of you have taken the picture of the sunrise or sunset in your car’s side mirrors? It is a stunning pic!) and yes, the temps do lower into more manageable degrees of torture, especially at night! These cooler evenings of fall remind us that we hardy desert rats have survived another summer and perhaps encourage us to throw parties in celebration—if only we could do so and stay out of the kitchen. And because you can’t have a celebration without food, you might be considering waiting until the later holidays or the winter when everything is cool and perfect or you could throw caution to the wind and have Modern Tortilla cater your upcoming fall event in Arizona!

What a Great Idea!

In the Valley of the Sun, we tend to cocoon during the summers, staying in the air-conditioned coolness of our houses as much as possible, limiting our swimming until right before bed and just waiting for the days that we don’t need oven mitts to touch our steering wheels. And although it is still hot through most of fall, there is no reason to put off getting together with friends, especially when you have Modern Tortilla on your side, ready and eager to help you create the ideal fall spicy fiesta! Your party can be as fancy or as simple as you want. Order a food truck for an impressive end of summer extravaganza or have your event fully catered with chef-manned action stations to truly spoil your guests. For more simple affairs, our drop off menu or a taco cart can be the center of attraction, ensuring that everyone eats their fill without you having to enter the dreaded heat zone of your kitchen. Every fall event in Arizona will be elevated to the next level of wow simply because you chose Modern Tortilla to help you offer a menu that everyone loves, and you will stay calm, cool, and out of the kitchen while enjoying the people you probably haven’t seen much of since early spring!


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