Have Modern Tortilla Cater Your AZ Winter Event

When winter arrives in the desert we are all more than ready to rush to greet it, often with outdoor parties and holiday get togethers with our closest friends and family. Summers are for hermits in this state, encouraging us all to stay inside in the air-conditioned coolness and winters are for all the fun you skipped earlier in the year!

Of course, winter is also about the holidays, bringing with it chores, shopping, and all the little things that make us feel as if we are constantly behind, which might discourage any thoughts of whooping it up, but if you can accept a little help from your friends, the parties never have to end!

We are, of course, talking about having Modern Tortilla cater your AZ winter event. Whether it is a holiday shindig or a cozy bash with friends, this guide will give you a sneak peek into how your party will be the talk of the town simply because you did!

Tacos for Everyone!

While the rest of the world may be deep frying turkeys and smoking briskets for their holiday celebrations, we Arizona rebels understand that nothing is more memorable than a taco and all the trimmings, even at Christmas!

We are born and bred in heat and fire and our food choices often reflect both, which makes hiring Modern Tortilla the natural choice. And while we are setting up a food truck in your cul de sac, a taco cart in your backyard, or even a buffet with chef-manned action stations in your formal dining room, you can be working on perfecting your outfit of the night, catching up on a Hallmark Christmas movie marathon, or reminiscing over the last time the Diamondbacks won the World Series and noting how much sweeter it was this year! (Ok, we confess, the series hasn’t begun as we write this, but we believe in the power of positive thinking!)

When your guests arrive, the scent of cilantro and salsa will make everyone salivate and although it may be quite noisy at first, with the first bite of our delicious tacos, the only sounds will be the music playing in the background and a more than a few “OMG’s!” Your winter event is guaranteed to be the talk of the neighborhood for months to come, all because of your sparkling personality, your stellar party planning skills, and your choice of Modern Tortilla!

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